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Roads are dangerous places to be. Even without all the careless or reckless drivers, straight-up accidents still happen. But what happens if something isn’t an accident? I’m talking road rage incidents.

We’ve all see the videos. We know how crazy crazy can get. And sometimes, frighteningly, we become the crazy. How do we quell the fires of road-borne hate and aggression?

I’ll give you an example. I wouldn’t call myself a road-raging bitch, but I do get angry if an injustice of some kind is committed against me. If someone cuts me off, merges too closely, honks for no good reason or drives so slowly that it becomes a safety risk, that person gets on my shit list.


What do I do about it? I yell. A lot. I shout and swear, sometimes at the top of my voice. I never bang on my steering wheel, though. My car didn’t do anything wrong and I don’t believe in hitting her. With my windows up, my car has become my confessional and not even God can hear me.

But from the outside, you wouldn’t be able to tell that there was a seething nebula of rage within. I still drive like I normally do. I don’t try and seek revenge upon the offending driver. I let them be.

This is because even though I might call someone something that might make a Call of Duty gamer take a step back, I will never act upon my rage. Doing so is stupid and dangerous. I let it out in other ways.

How do you guys deal with your road rage?

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