People are getting better and better at stealing cars. If you've ever lived in a rough neighborhood, though, you've learned a few tricks to keep thieves away.

If we owned an old car and parked on the street, we'd follow the advice of Jalopnik alum Murilee Martin, who drives a ‘92 Civic hatchback. That car might as well have a large neon sign on the roof saying, "FREE CAR, PLEASE STEAL."


He used to install a kill switch hidden somewhere under the dash, so that the Civic just won't start no matter how many times the prospective robber tries to hotwire it. The car was again broken into for the umpteenth time last month and he's moved on to a top-secret double kill switch system.

How do you keep people from smashing a window and stealing your stereo, or your whole car altogether?

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Photo Credit: Honda

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