Hey, You Got Your Apple Pie in my Sauerbraten — for $15,000!

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

With the 944, Porsche gave us a highly capable sports car with a decidedly Germanic personality. Chevy has taken a more muscular approach to the Corvette's development. Today, Nice Price or Crack Pipe wonders what their marriage would be like?

While traditionally a Gremlin was described as something that caused woe for army flyers, yesterday's AMC product had the opposite effect, and 75% of you found it bootilicious. One element making that Gremlin X so appealing to many was the V8-manual combo. A heavy application of torque, made available in any gear of your choosing, makes for a tire-chirping good time. That's why we think you might like today's contender Porsche, as it too is rocking an eight. But this Porsche isn't a 928. It's (thankfully) neither a Cayenne, or Panamera, as it left the factory with only half the number of fire pots under its hood as it has now.


The 944 was a pretty sweet handling car, but the 9+ second zero-sixty time meant its 150-bhp wasn't enough to meet owner's expectations of its Porsche-ness. The Turbo, with 70 more ponies helped immeasurably, and eventually the 944 Turbo became a car that was almost as fast on the straights as it was through the corners.

But it still suffered from that demon turbo lag, and despite the boost, for some people too much horsepower is never enough. That's the case with this 944 Turbo that has been LS1ified. That's right, out there in a junkyard somewhere is a GM F-body (yeah, I know- not a Vette) with a honkin' big nothing under its hood. That's because its 365-bhp 350-cid FI motor has found a new home with its crazy German girlfriend. And with this American torque monster inside her, Lola indeed will run. The seller has included a short clip of the car on the dyno, but it doesn't say much about the car other than that it runs-


It would have been nice to show the dyno read-out there, but this marriage of convenience does make some sweet sounds. And lest you think this is some odd-ball one-off conversion, it's not. In fact, it's really fairly common- as Cardomain can attest.


So, big-ass motor; lots-o-power; and the upgraded suspension, brakes and transmission of the 944 Turbo, which make that car a better choice for the conversion than the normally aspirated version. Is that enough to make you say I do? An interesting factoid in the ad is that, while the engine has only done about 20K, the car itself has, over its life, done over 215,000 miles. That moves its milage from a lot to impressive.


The seller claims that he never intended to divorce himself of the car, but it looks like couples therapy didn't work because he's moving out. He's asking $15,000 in alimony for it, and from the looks of the car, more than that was invested in the marriage to begin with.

Now we come to the part where you have to do some work. What do you think of this Marshall Plan of a car, and more importantly, its $15,000 asking price? Does that price make you think this is an arranged marriage, doomed to fail? Or, does that make it something you could see having a long-term relationship with?


You decide!


Los Angeles Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears. Hat tip to hotballs! Yeah, that's right, hotballs.

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