Here's That Poster Of R2 Droids In Racing Livery You Probably Wanted

Recently, my 3 year-old son Otto has been really, really into R2 droids. This, of course, is totally fine by me, as I loved them as a kid as well, and frankly still do. So an excuse to buy a bunch of toy droids is always welcome. That's probably why I decided to see how they'd look in racing liveries, and made this poster.

Here at Jalopnik, we love our liveries, and for many of us, I bet it's where we learned that word wasn't the plural of "liver." I've also always been fascinated with the paint schemes you'd see on the background R-series droids in the Star Wars movies; some seemed so deliberate, some so oddly haphazard.


I think any race team would agree a capable, fix-anything robot like an R2 astromech would be a huge help, so I started this by just imagining how these race teams would paint the droids they had working for them in the pits. I think they look pretty damn good!

Anyway, enjoy, and you can see a bigger version here.

(thanks to Jeff Alberts for the blank R2 template!)

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