2014 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Edition 507: Will It Baby?

What you give up when you buy the kind of crossover or minivan you think you need because you have a kid is a pretty intangible thing. Whatever you end up buying will get you and your kid where you need to go no problem, but it's clear you gave up something. Whatever that something is, the AMG C63 Edition 507 is… » 2/11/14 12:20pm 2/11/14 12:20pm

2014 Volkswagen Beetle GSR: Will It Baby?

Have a baby? A toddler? Looking at crossovers and minivans and SUVs, probably in silver or white? Knock it off, right now. Because this, a bright yellow Beetle with black stripes, is one of the best baby cars you can buy. Because deep down, fun for kid and parent beats practicality, and somewhere inside you know that's … » 11/18/13 3:00pm 11/18/13 3:00pm

2013 Nissan GT-R Track Edition: Will It Baby?

Here's the thing about this Nissan GT-R: it's the special Track Edition, which means it has, among other things, a feature called rear seat delete. That means no back seat. Having a two seater car means you don't want kids now, but who knows about the future? Rear seat delete means sure, you've thought about kids, and, … » 6/04/13 2:25pm 6/04/13 2:25pm

Will It Baby: 2013 Scion iQ

I felt like I was having things a bit too easy Will It Baby-wise recently — a car with an extra door just for kid-loading, a huge, spacious truck — so this time when I picked a car to try I decided to really make it tough. So, with that in mind, I set out to try and find the absolute smallest car I could cram a… » 12/26/12 9:00am 12/26/12 9:00am

2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo: Will It Baby?

The Hyundai Veloster Turbo has managed to do something no other Hyundai hatch ever built has done: make people give a crap about it. For the week I had the car, at least a half-dozen people commented on it. To get that sort of response with, say, an Elantra, you'd have to set the thing on fire and cover it in… » 12/06/12 10:30am 12/06/12 10:30am

2013 Ford F-150 Raptor SVT: Will It Baby?

Let's just get this out of the way right up front: nobody at Ford was ever thinking about the Raptor in terms of a baby-toting car. That's absolutely fine. This is a vehicle designed for doing things off road in a flashy, loud, fun way, not puttering around town doing family things. » 11/15/12 4:00pm 11/15/12 4:00pm

Will It Baby: Porsche Panamera Turbo S

I don't think Porsche is pushing the Panamera Turbo S as a kid-hauler. I think it's more targeted at rich guys who have friends that get embarrassed when you remind them they're a Baron. Probably three such friends, otherwise our hypothetical Baron would be driving a 911. » 9/05/12 2:30pm 9/05/12 2:30pm

2013 Scion FR-S: Will It Baby?

Having kids affects, or probably should affect, pretty much every part of your life. Everything from how patient you are to the grade of heroin you use or the car you choose to own and drive. Common wisdom likes to hammer the idea that the only baby-worthy cars are SUVs, Minivans, wagons, and similar vehicles. I don't… » 7/24/12 10:30am 7/24/12 10:30am