Here's How Much Quicker a Ford Crown Victoria Gets With 1,000 Pounds Removed

Screenshot: TheHoonigans (YouTube)

Car enthusiasts are always trying to shed weight from their vehicles to improve performance. But while most folks never precisely find out how that weight savings really helps them, YouTube channel TheHoonigans decided to try to measure what removing 1,000 pounds of girth does to the 1/8-mile time of a P71 Ford Crown Victoria police interceptor.

The test isn’t particularly scientific, especially with the group apparently only doing one run of each vehicle weight, starting with the control weight of 4,101 pounds, then dropping 300, 600, 800 and then finally 1,005 pounds by shedding passengers and car parts.

Still, like that stripped-down Tesla Model S drag strip run, it’s a fun test, and in the end, with 1,005 pounds cut out, the Crown Vic’s initial 1/8 mile time of 10.79 seconds drops significantly to 10.32.

Which is still slow. But at least it’s less slow. And that’s always what everyone is after.


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