Future Ferrari F1 Driver's Car Catches Fire

Illustration for article titled Future Ferrari F1 Drivers Car Catches Fire

French F1 pilot Jules Bianchi may be driving for backmarker team Marussia, but he's really part of Ferrari's driver development program. I guess it's no surprise then that his car caught on fire.


This firey failure was at the German GP yesterday. An F1 car blowing up is nothing special, truth be told, but what was fantastic was that Jules "set it and forget it" Bianchi left his car in such a way that it was free to roll down the track.


I suppose the marshals are somehow at fault as well, but nobody should really be that angry with anyone. After all, the tractor chasing after Bianchi's slow-rolling driverless F1 car might have been the best on-track action of the race.

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It looked pretty well stationary once the fire was out ... I wonder if the recovery truck accidentally nudged it?