Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe is a package deal; four white Citroëns and a lot of work ahead. Based on the ad's description of the quartet, you'll need to decide if the price is an appropriate bulk rate.

Ah, the Citroën SM, that alluring unicorn that always has seemed to be the ultimate embodiment of Gallic automotive interpretation. When first introduced, aspects like its amazing styling, freaky self-centering DIRAVI steering, and bass-akwards Maserati DOHC V6 proved, in combination, to be like nothing that had come before, French or otherwise.

I don't generally like to write about Citroëns, not because I don't have soft spot in my head for the marque, but because I find it a pain in the ass to always have to include the diacritical tréma on the e. In fact, I just got a little pissed at having to add the ' above the e in tréma. Argh, I had to do it again!


Okay, I'm over it, and am now down with the fact that I'll just have to keep using the little keyboard combo that gives me the umlaut. Now that the crisis has been averted, let's have a look at this PCH pack of 1971 SMs that appear to have been squirreled away in a non-weather tight warehouse for the past decade.

First off, these cars are all white. Seriously, seeing them all together, it looks like somebody just mowed down a Klan meeting - which of course wouldn't be a bad thing. The seller breaks out the cars by transmission, title, and mileage, as though the amount of road each one has covered has much to do with its present condition.


No, more likely the time spent in 'storage' has done more to achieve the cars' current states of decrepitude. Two are slushers, and the other pair are 5-speeds. All have Citroën's patented hydropneumatic suspension, quirky brakes, and too sexy for its shirt styling. Well, to be accurate, the last one seems to have been to sexy for its front clip as that happens to be missing. Damn the rats.

The interiors are collectively a study in the effects of time, lack of proper attention, and - seemingly - the elements. Yep, from the looks of it they've all been rained upon like a stripper. The watersports haven't been too kind to the cars, and at least one looks like it has enough mold in it to both culture cheese and bake some penicillin.

Sadly missing on these cars - they're being U.S. models - is the self-leveling and turning Cibie headlamps under road debris-defying glass covers.

Still, you've got single spoke steering wheels here, along with swoopy dashboards that were shared with the early Maserati Merak, more hydraulic spheres than you can shake a baguette at, and that amazing styling that still looks like it's from the future, even though these cars are all 43-years old. And all that could be - well, someone's - for $15,000.


That's fifteen-large American, not French Francs. I'm thinking that, even taking all four of these seemingly derelict cars and trying to make one good runner, that's only going to be the start of the monetary needs.

Regardless, the SM remains a siren's song to many a patron of the French car scene and hence we now need to determine if that $15,000 price tag seems like a deal or not, for somebody.


What do you think about these four Citroëns of the Apocalypse for $15,000, does that seem like a fair price for so grand a Gallic package? Or, does that price make you think they should continue to rust in peace?

You decide!

Detroit Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to RealRoadNews for the hookup!

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