For $950, This 1978 Mercedes Benz 240D Will Give You The D

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

The seller of today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe 240D claims he needs it gone ASAP. That makes it pretty obvious that he's never attempted a quick escape in one of these slow smokers, but has he at least got it priced it to go?

Winnah, winnah, chicken dinnah! Not only did yesterday's rough but ready 1981 VW Westfalia bring a 75% Nice Price win for its asking, but it could potentially let you cook a tasty fowl for your evening repast in celebration as well.


It's a funny thing. Looking back on it, the Germans seemed to dodge much of the craptacularness of cars in the late seventies and early eighties. Today, their products from that era - like that VW camper - are some of the most deeply venerated. Another one? Well, how about the Mercedes Benz W123?

Running from 1976 through the 1985 model year, the W123 mid-size Benz coasted through what Murilee Martin famously, and quite uncharitably coined the "malaise era." This 1978 240D was birthed right in the middle of that becalming of automotive performance, taste, and build quality. And yet, these cars possess a reputation for having the last two of those attributes in spades. About the first one, performance? Well, there are benefits to taking it slow.


Slow is what this 65-horse OM616-equipped sedan will be- like 20-seconds to sixty slow - but the thing of it is, while it will take a while to get anywhere you should be in complete confidence that it will get you there. Both the 2.4-litre four under hood, and its surrounding car, are legendary for their hand-built quality and durability.

This one seems to be pretty solid, even after going through 36 years and 265,000 miles. In case you were wondering, that's about 426,000 kilometers, or more than a trip to the moon on gossamer wings.


The ad says that the car 'runs good' and 'doesn't need anything.' As I noted above, what the seller needs is the beige sedan gone from his life as soon as possible. Reasons for that might include a body in the trunk, the desire to rake the leaves in the driveway, or the fact that he can't stand looking at the car with it hubcaps missing. I'll admit that last one would drive me over the edge.


Whatever the reason, what you'd get is a car that comes with new shifter bushings and clips for its four-speed, and a side pipe(?) The ad says that the PA inspection just ran out and that there's hardly any rust. I'm interpreting here as the ad is little more than a stream of consciousness unburdened by social norms of proper punctuation or thorough description.

Of course what would you expect to get for your $950? That's right, this paragon of Benz comportment will cost you less than a grand. That's less than you would likely spend on a weekend in Vegas, or the bail for that unfortunate incident in college of which your parents still refuse to speak.


What I need you to do now is speak your mind on whether - based on the ad - you think this Benz is worth that $950. What do you think, is that a price that would have you saying diesel do? Or, is the ad too sketchy for even that low amount?

You decide!


Lancaster, PA Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Red Herring for the hookup!

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