For $9,900, Be On a Mission From God

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Nice Price Or No DiceIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

For today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe: It's got a cop motor, a 440 cubic inch plant. It's got cop tires, cop suspension, cop shocks. It's a model built before catalytic converters so it'll run good on regular gas.

Sure, the Bluesmobile was a Monaco, and had the casual rumpled appearance of a coal black suit and skinny tie that had been slept in, but even it was a replacement.

Today's 1971 Polara CHP Pursuit could either be the new-new Bluesmobile, or any one of the multitude of police cars that chased Jake and Elwood on their mission from God. And, with a 370 gross horsepower 440 V8 under its hood, you can be sure that our lady of blessed acceleration won't fail you now.

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In '71, Dodge offered police packages on both the B-body Coronet, as well as the larger C-body Polara. Several motors were offered in the cars, the top being an 'RB' 440 V8 which received a 4BBL as well as a hotter cam and higher compression than the civilian versions. The seller of this black and white liveried four door claims its V8 has been rebuilt, but that all numbers still match. Matched to that iron giant is a Torqueflite 3-speed and the Police cars had a hand-controlled fast idle for quick getaways. Out back it should be rocking a Sure-Grip 3.23:1 diff and all four corners have new Firehawk police radials for all your tramlining enjoyment. The Torsion-Aire suspension was also upgraded with heavy duty components, and all the mechanicals were bolted onto a unibody structure.

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As noted, and obvious from the pictures, this car has been kept in all its CHiPs glory, down to a door star, parcel tray lights, and front pushbar. You also get A-pillar spotlights on either side of a windscreen that looks like it has a big crack in it. That shouldn't be a big deal to replace, and anyway the crack's on the passenger side. Inside it looks like it has the perp-friendly grey vinyl seats, making the A/C a welcome addition, and unlike modern Mopar police cars, there's plenty of room inside even if you're more Jake than Elwood. Put all that together and you're well on your way to violating California Penal Code section 538d, so you might want to resist firing up the flashers in the back window while out on the road


The seller claims the drivetrain has been rebuilt, making mileage seems less important than usual here, and in fact the eBay classified listing lists it at 999,999 - code for we don't know what the hell it's got on it. Regardless, he does say that it's a turn-key daily driver, and after all who wouldn't want to roll in a black and white - in the front seat for a change. 

If you think that's just the speeding ticket, then you'd have to come up with something close to the $9,900 the seller is asking for this highway patroller. What do you think would that price make this the new Bluesmobile? Or, would you not pay that much even if it has a working lighter?

You decide!


eBay Classifieds or go here if the ad disappears. H/T to west-coaster for the hookup!

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It does have the U-code in the VIN, but where is the dual snorkel air cleaner? Odd