Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe BMW is an old-school Neue Klasse. It’s also apparently very low mileage, but will its price ultimately match its miles?

Buttery soft leather, designer clothes, a rip-snorting DOHC V8 engine, yesterday’s 1981 Maserati 4Porte seemingly had it all. Sometimes however, too much is never enough, and at almost eleven grand, that Italian stallion of a sedan fell in a 60% Crack Pipe loss. Mama mia!

Let’s turn back the clock on that Maser, a full decade in fact. In 1971 Maserati was owned by Citroën, and a number of their products started to take on attributes of that weirdo French brand. That same year, BMW - for whom weird is not in their lexicon - built this 2002.


The 02 cars were developments of the Neue Klasse series introduced in the early ‘60s. The designation identified the model as a two-door, and was fleshed out with the engine’s displacement. That makes this 2002 a two-door with a 2-litre engine. Easy Peasey.

That 2-litre is the M10, a SOHC inline four that, in this iteration with a single 2bbl carb, was good for about 105-bhp. On this one, that carb is topped with one of those tiny rectangular air filters that must make cold weather starting fun. That’s just a guess, and in fact the ad claims that the car runs great and will do 65-70 without issue.


Getting there will mean rowing your own as the M10 is backed up by a 4-speed stick, as you like it. That rests in a low console between the seemingly serviceable but tired-looking front buckets. The dash has a few cracks in it, as these invariably do, but to distract from that there’s a nice Nardi-esque steering wheel.

The exterior of the car looks terrific overall, with only a couple of boogers apparent. It looks like there’s a sizable paint flake on the driver’s side rear wheel arch, and behind that, something's going on with the rocker below the bumper.


Neither of those seem to be a big deal, and in fact this being a small-bumper, round-light car makes it worth the investment to deal with inevitable minor body maintenance issues. That’s especially true as this one looks otherwise to be a really solid car.

And why wouldn’t it be? After all, the ad says that the car has only turned 31,088 miles over the course of its life. Now, that’s documented by an odometer with just five barrels, but if true, that’s only a little more than 700 miles a year. When not racking up those miles, it was apparently kept in a garage, next to a guy in an iron mask no doubt.


The seller says he needs a classic lover to buy his car. Now, I don’t know if by that he means someone like Rudy Valentino, or Giacomo Casanova, but if you’re interested in buying this cool old Bimmer, I suggest you tell him that your passions run deep, and maybe try and hit on his significant other.

You’ll also need to come up with $8,500 as that’s the asking price, and now we need to decide if that seems to be a deal. What’s your take on this 2002 for $8,500? Should that have it Klassing up a new owner’s life? Or, does that price make this No Klasse?

You decide!


Baltimore Craigslist, or check it out below.

H/T to MC Hammer for the hookup!

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