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Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

When gas prices increase for a prolonged period of time, car makers respond with more fuel-efficient products. Today,Nice Price or Crack Pipe has just such a Caddy from the ‘70s. And it comes with a can full of marbles.


The Eldorado had been a halo product for Cadillac, and a premier personal coupe for decades. The 1979 model year saw a number of changes for the Eldo, among which was a switch to a new platform - along with the Buick Riviera and Oldmobile Toronado - that positioned the cars as large size, rather than the previous grizzly behemoth.

Another change for '79, and a first for Cadillac, was the adoption of the Oldsmobile 350-cid Diesel V8. GM had jumped into the diesel pool with both feet, bringing to market everything from the littlest Chevettes to the most massive B-Bodies, that clattered and smoked, and necessitated gloves for refueling.

Sadly, the Olds diesel was a piece of crap, having been a derivation of a gas engine, (albeit with a specially-deigned, and strengthened block) rather than as a proprietary oil-burner. Under-spec'd head bolts stretched and broke in reaction to 22:1 compression, and fuel system failures proved common due to the lack of a water separator and owners unfamiliarity with the peculiarities of diesel engines. Many of the diesel Cadillacs went back to the dealers for gas engine retrofits after owners complained of the onerously poor durability of their clattery compression-ignition powered cars.

That makes this 1979 Eldorado Biarritz a bit of a survivor as not only is it apparently in decent shape, but still has the Olds oil-burner under its massive hood. That engine lacks every form of modern emissions controls so, while enjoying the Exxon Valdez-like turning radius and agoraphobic's-delight distance between you and everyone else on the road afforded by that massive size and acrid cloud of carcinogenics that follows you, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that every time you start it, somewhere a tree-hugger dies.


The Biarritz was the top of the line of the top of the line- and shows that off to everyone with its Delorean-taunting stainless steel roof panel. In addition to that snazzy feature, this car is rocking the moonroof so you can let the sun shine down on the hooker's lipstick-red and coney island whitefish interior. There's also an acre of wood on the dash, but don't fear, it's of the dead dinosaur variety, rather than the object of the tree-hugger's affection variety.

That's a lot-o-car. And its has an engine that has withstood the test of time, when many of its brethren didn't. Not only that, but it's only rocking 80K on the clock! And it could be clattering like a school bus in your driveway for only $6,500.


So, $6,500 for a 30-year old diesel Caddy? Is that a Nice Price for this oil-burning luxo-barge? Or, was the seller sniffing the tailpipe when setting that price?

You decide!


Burlington Coat Factory or go here if the ad disappears. Hat tip to camp6ell!

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