For $6,000, This Custom Chevy Truck Is Your Halloween Haunt

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Today is Halloween and as we all know, there's nothing scarier than SOMEONE ELSE'S PROJECT. That's not to say that today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe home-brew truck isn't pretty trick, but will its price also prove to be a treat?

There was something about yesterday's 1977 Datsun F-10 that really hit a nerve. Maybe it was the fact that you just never see the little toads any more. Or, perhaps it was a longing for a simpler time when McDonalds didn't serve salads (eww), cars were more straight forward, and Nissan called itself Datsun. Whatever the reason, more people didn't give an Eff than did, and at twenty-three hundred bucks the little wagon that couldn't brought it home on the wrong side of a narrow 52%/48% Crack Pipe loss.


Our last three entries have been old Japanese coupes, cars that, when new, called out the sorry state of American craftsmanship in the auto industry. You know what? Screw them, I happen to know that American Craftsmanship has experienced a rebirth. It's true! As proof of this fact I now present to you this home built - in America, no less - Custom Chevrolet Utility Truck. Yeah, boy!

The ad says that this custom high-boy is "kind of a DeLorean meets Humvee meets John Deere" and was built using 2-inch square section steel with 304 Stainless to fill in the gaps. The basis is a ½-ton Suburban chassis of indeterminate age and origin, and power is provided by a 350-cid SBC crate motor that's described as being "very stock."


I'm not entirely sure, but it looks like that 350 sits uncovered - in the nude as it were - as though the builder decided it better not to go so far as to make a hood for the truck. He did do doors, a roof, and a windscreen, although this truck is likely a fair-weather friend as there don't appear to be wipers there either. Quad rectangular headlights will light up your life, while the front bumper has what looks like a fly's proboscis in the middle of it, and that's kind of creeping me out.


Underneath all that American pride sits a beefed-up suspension, with triple shocks at each corner controlling the actions of the huge 35-inch BFGs. A NP205 transfer case sends the power to both axles.

The seller says he built this truck in his welding/sheet metal shop - see American craftsmanship! - and has been using it as a tractor - American ingenuity! - on his property for the past five years. Despite that, it's apparently road-worthy, having been at one time titled and insured - American capitalism!


Now the builder wishes to pass his work on to someone who will appreciate the fine craftsmanship and the effort that has gone into it - or who has $6,000 - preferably the latter. Yep, that's the price, and while we generally say that buying someone else's project is like buying into your own personal house of horrors, something tells me this would be different.


What's your take on $6,000 for this custom truck? Is that a price that would have it haunting your dreams? Or, is that like getting an apple in your trick or treat bag?

You decide!


Minneapolis Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to crowztalke for the hookup!

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