For $6,000, Climb The G-Lader

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Despite being touted as one of the best handing front-drivers around, Volkswagen's Corrado never found much favor here in the U.S.. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe G60 edition has been favorably restored, but is its price too much to handle?

The original Scirocco's Giugiaro design proved to be a classic, while VW's in-house penned follow up seemed an awkward and ill-proportioned clone in comparison. With the Corrado, Volkswagen captured the same taut lines and balanced shape of the car's großvater, but like the second gen's 16V edition, pumped up the jam under the hood.


Powering the A2-based Corrado upon its U.S. Debut in 1990 was a unique version of the corporate 1.8 four, dubbed the G-lader for its odd snail-within-a-snail supercharger. The G60 pumped out a respectable 158-bhp and 166 ft-lbs of torque. In addition to being pressurized by the scroll-charger, intake air was also treated to a refreshing trip through a wheel-well located air-to-air intercooler. Not exactly a vacation spot, but nice none the less.

The G60 in today's Bordeaux Red Corrado is internally as it came from the factory. Externally however, it has been treated to a rebuilt G-lader along with a bunch of other new pieces, plus a thorough scrubbing and polish. The choice of blue silicone hoses is a little odd, giving the engine bay the look of a disemboweled smurf. Behind that is the 02B 5-speed with what I would expect to be very rubbery actuation - as they all seem to be.

Similar to the attention paid to the engine, the transmission has had nothing more that a fluid change. Check out the build thread and you'll see that a lot of work did go into this Corrado, replacing parts that were worn, and rectifying things that VW may have gotten wrong the first go-around. That means new brakes from the pedal to the hub, cat back exhaust, poly want a bushings, and motor mounts, starter, blah, blah, blah.


The interior has also been renewed with a Just For Men treatment to the door and side panels and new sound deadening underneath everything. Outside, the rust-free and straight as Santorum body was been treated to a fresh coat of the aforementioned Bordeaux red. Wheels are aftermarket five-spoke alloys, upon which a set of not too big, not too small Kuhmos have been mounted. Things that have been fixed are the replacement of the annoying mouse belts with proper three-pointers out of the Euro model, and a Passat moon roof in replacement of the solid Corrado unit. Also some of the traditional Corrado pain points - window winders, headlight switch, etc, have been repaired and/or beefed up.


Here's the thing though, while this Corrado has been extensively restored, it's still not perfect - there being a tear in the driver's seat bolster and - more alarmingly - a crack in the plastic fuel tank that prevents filling past the ¾ mark lest it start weeping your $4 a gallon investment on the pavement. Also, the ABS has been thrown out along with the cruise control so both long trips and driving in traffic will require paying attention.


Of course that will also require paying the $6,000 the seller/builder is asking for this Bordeaux beauty. The restoration was completed 2 years ago, and, according to the ad, has been a daily driver ever since, meaning that it's probably had all the shake down it's going to get.

The Corrado was never as popular when new as was the Scirocco, however, it does have its own fan base today - perhaps even including yourself. Speaking of you, what's your take on this come-again Corrado? Does its $6,000 price make it worth the wait? Or, does that make you say see you G-lader?


You decide!


Columbia South Carolina Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Harry for the hookup!

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