For $6,000, Be One Bad Ass MoFo

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Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

If you hold faith in the smooth lyrics of Isaac Hayes then Shaft was a bad mofo. If you likewise believe the ad for today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe SBC Z then you can be one too. And not only that, but a Bad Ass one! That is of course if you don’t think that its price would be like getting the shaft.


John Shaft may have been a black private dick, but fully 68% of you went public, giving yesterday’s purple 1987 Pontiac Fiero a Crack Pipe loss. Its BLO’ ME accessorizing seemed to outweigh possession of a V6, 5-speed, and t-roof features, proving that even a not so complicated car might only be understood by its woman.

You don’t need a detective to tell you that original Datsun 240Zs are starting to command some serious cash. That’s especially the case when they've been kept in as original condition as possible. This 1971 S30 isn’t in that condition, but while not wholly original, its scruffy matte black paint, doesn't give a damn carpetless interior, and pre-smog SBC underhood will make its new owner - in the opinion of its current owner - one Bad Ass MoFo.

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Now, for those of you unfamiliar with the vernacular, in this instance, bad means good, and ass means, well, the whole dude. Also, mofo is a diminutive of the crude disparagement that implies that its target bumps uglies in the biblical sense during conjugal visits with the woman who birthed that said dude. Despite that, it's used as a term of respect. Got it? In the end, Bad Ass MoFo is probably redundant, but who the hell still wouldn't want to be one?

Also, who wouldn't want an early S30 - the lightest and prettiest of the killer Zs - stuffed to the gills full of small block Chevy? This one comes just so stuffed, and while its engine choice may be about as surprising as a fart-induced giggle, it’s still a good way to make a Z go faster and sound like the aforementioned Bad Ass MoFo.

As a sop to all you three-pedal-phobes, the tranny backing up that beast is a 700r4 for which B&M has dropped in the shifter. Wheels are Western Wheel aftermarket jobs, around which have been wrapped some big ol’ BFG Radial T/As because that’s what American V8 powered cars use for tires.

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As noted above, the interior goes the way of many a Hollywood starlet - sans carpet - which must make the sounds created by the 600cfm carb and 3” Hooker header topped exhaust even more intense. If you’d prefer something a little less bad ass, and maybe a bit attenuated in the mofo department, you might want to put in some new wall to wall. The seller notes that the surface rust underneath has already been ground off like a money-owning mobster’s toes.

Other issues are an apparent need for some wiring clean up and some other interior work - the extent of which is indeterminate due to the seller prudently avoiding shots of the insides, preferring instead a pic of his preening lady friend. No, I’m not complaining.

The question of course is whether or not you’d find complaint with this custom Z’s $6,000 price tag, owing to its potential for bad-assitry and MoFo-ormation. What do you think, is this SBC-powered 240Z worth $6,000? Or, does that price make this Z a MoFo no mo?

You decide!


Los Angeles Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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Having owned one of these in the past, I don't understand the V8 swap.. I guess I never understand them, but it diminishes the personality of lots of these cars. The I6 was a beauty of a motor, 7k redline that it would hang at all day long. I can't see this car being nearly as fun with a v8..