Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

It's Black Friday, the nominal start of the holiday shopping season, and that means everyone's looking for a killer deal. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Mercedes is eponymous with the day, but will its price prove more than you bargained for?

Do you recall the Rampage we went on back on Wednesday? Or, for Americans at least, has the food coma from yesterday's epic feast wiped it from your minds? Either way, I'm here to help and I can tell you that backwards hood scooped custom turbo trucklette from the Bilbow family's private collection didn't engender much love for its seventy-five hundred dollar price. Yep, its rampage was cut short by a 60% Crack Pipe loss, sadly not giving the Bilbows one more thing for which to give thanks on Turkey Day.


Speaking of Thanksgiving - and yes Canadians, I know that your was last month, eh - yesterday was the day we in the U.S. take a moment to sit in reflection upon our lives and give thanks for what we have and how things could be a whole lot worse. It's also the prep period for what's considered to be the biggest shopping day of the year - Black Friday.

Now, this year a number of retailers said eff Black Friday, we're opening up on Thursday night because we want to stuff our employees' Thanksgiving turkeys with cat poo and sadness, with a bowl of steaming resentment on the side.


Now, I don't even leave the house on Black Friday owing to the mayhem and stupidity inherent in the event , and I sure as hell wasn't going to get up from the dinner table on Thursday evening, excuse myself to the rest of the family, and then race over to Target to fight other shoppers for the last Inappropriately Touch Me Elmo doll. But maybe you did.

If that's the case, and you are just now walking in the door, bloodied and bruised but still proudly clutching in your shaking hands your packed shopping bags full of conquest purchases, then maybe you'll still be up for determining one final shopping decision and that's whether or not this 2008 Mercedes Benz CLK63 AMG Black Series is a deal at its offered price.


You might remember the C209-based CLK Black as the car Jeremy Clarkson described as 'epic' and in fact as the Stig's favorite ride despite an aversion to other members of MB's AMG lineup. The CLK 63 in Black form is about as close to James Bond as you're going to get in a car- unflappable, brilliantly capable, but when necessary, brutally effective and uncompromising.

Much of that comes from the 6,208-cc quad-cam V8 that has been hand built by an expert AMG wrenched and signed-off as proof. This one was assembled by Kuut Bruss. Bruss' work results in over 500 bhp and 465 kb-ft of torque which gives the Black the kind of blistering performance you might not expect from a car wearing the three-pontes star. That's 0-100 in four seconds flat and a top speed that tickles the balls of two hundred miles per hour.


Keeping that inline as best they can are massive meats under fenders with so much flare it's like an ad for American Hustle. A heavy duty LSD and revamped rear suspension can't quite tame the big V8's output making these cars as happy to show their ass as a drunken frat boy.

Inside, the car loses its back seats, but gains wildly bolstered thrones up front. Seriously, these are so deep that you might not be surprised to find James Franco trying to hack off his arm in the pivot divot. One notable difference between the U.S. and home market Black is the addition of a cup holder in the console. Yeah, America!


Like most CLK63s presently on the market, this one looks pretty clean. It's being dealer sold so obviously it's been hand-detailed prior to the pics, but sadly the individual who did so didn't sign his work. The paint seems mar-free, and while the driver's seat does evidence some use it's not torn up or anything.

That's notable because unlike many of the other CLK63s available to buy which have milage in the teens, this one has a healthy 59,820 on its clock. Perhaps that's the reason behind it being one of the cheapest of the marque that I've currently found in the classifieds, coming in a good ten grand below average.


Today is a day when you might expect to get a good deal - that is of course unless you're a Walmart employee or something - and so it's now time for you to consider whether this Black Friday CLK Black might be included in that category.

The seller, an eBayer named Exotic Motors with a remarkable 100% positive feedback, is asking $54,900 for this Black, and again this one has a lot more miles on it than do some of the other more expensive offerings, so perhaps you'd want to factor in any potential wear and tear items the car may soon require into your calculations.

What do you think, does $54,900 prove that once you go Black you can never go back? Or, is this a Benz with a bends-me-over price tag?


You decide!

eBay, or go here if the ad disappears.

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