Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Scrambler is a small bike that had a small part in a small movie, and which now comes with a pretty big price. Let’s see if that Hollywood connection makes you give that a thumb up or a thumb down.

Canada has some cool cars. While we’re grousing about freedom and strutting around open-carrying the Bern in the U.S., they’re driving around in old Kei cars and astoundingly still running commie iron and no one bats an eye. Here so much as try and enjoy a not-so-old Land Rover off its visitors visa and you’ll end up with a hefty fine and an attractive cube of metal in your driveway that should make for an interesting conversation starter.


That wouldn’t be the case with yesterday’s 1985 Mercedes Benz 300GD however, as while it’s currently Canadian, the sellers want it to emigrate to the U.S. and in fact will only take American dollars in trade for it. Fortunately, it’s over 25 years old, and you can drive it here from there so the hassle’s just going to be in filling out all that damn paperwork.

Of course, the other hassle is in paying for it, and in that case a narrow 54% of you felt that its nearly $17K price tag was a Crack Pipe loser. Oh well, maybe it will still find happiness in the chilly North.

Here in the U.S., spring is in the air—can you smell it?—and that means it’s getting close to motorcycle weather. So throw on a ragged sweatshirt and check out this 1972 Honda CL350, which is claimed to have been used in the 2016 RomCom Tumbledown (presently 68% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes).


The ad includes a pic from Just Jared of the bike and Jason Sudeikis apparently getting into character before some crucial scene. I’m not a big JS fan, but the movie also features Rebecca Hall and is rated R for “a sex scene” so I might just have to check it out. Yes, I’m actually 12, get over it.


We should all check out this Honda which was apparently decked out Cafe style for the film, sporting a cafe seat and fairing, custom pipes, dropped mirrors, discarded side covers, and a surfboard rack. Yes, a surfboard rack. That was apparently added by the present owner, who has put 2,100 miles on the bike since buying it off the movie builders.

Over the course of his ownership the bike has received a number of new parts, including the chain, brake shoes, and that custom muffler. The seller says that the bike starts every time and presently lives in a heated basement. I’ll bet a lot of you would like to live in a “heated” basement.


There’s 9,200 miles on the bike and it has had its carbs synched about a year ago. The 33-bhp twin is said to be leak free, and the one-down/four-up gearbox to work without issue. On the downside, this is a very old Scrambler, and that means drum brakes front and back, a short wheelbase, and majorly skinny tires, so heroics are not advised when riding it.


You may just want to buy it to look at, imagining that Jason Sudoko or whatever his name is will come and hunt you down because he misses the bike and you’ll become buds, giving you entrance into the world of the Hollywood elite and possibly one of those R-rated sex scenes. You never know.

To get there however, you’ll need to come up with $5,000 as thats how much the seller of this surfboard-holding, Hollywood has been is asking. What do you think, is that a fair price for this cool old CL350 with a Tinsel Town connection? Or, is that way too high a ticket price for this show?


You decide!


BeanTown Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to pluckmyeyeout for the hookup!

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