Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Whether in reference to an abdomen, or a quantity of beer all to one's self, a six-pack is a good thing to have. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Ford offers a six-pack, of doors, and while its price is five figures, you'll have to decide if it's worth packing the cash.

Ford's F-series has been America's best selling vehicle for about 3 decades, owing to two major factors- its popularity as a work/goin' to church truck in America's Heartland (the coasts seemingly preferring various Toyota cars), and the 1979 movie Urban Cowboy.


Of course Ford hasn't been sitting on its corporate hands letting kismet control the F-series' fate, they've been all elbows and assholes when it comes to keeping the trucks on the cutting edge of truck technology, utility, and convenience. The next generation in fact is a sizable leap forward in truck tech, making extensive use of old aluminum beer cans, the most ambitious production effort for that lightweight metal in the auto industry.

That's not for the heavy duty models however - not yet at least - and they also at present don't offer an edition with any more than four-doors. This 2009 custom F350 however, has six.

There are a number of companies that make this sort of conversion, extending crew cabs for when you have an extended crew, say for Kanye and his entourage. Inside you get three-rows of seats, with space for 8 butts. The seller says that he's used it to cart around members of his kid's hockey team - the truck's in Minnesota, donchaknow - and their equipment/loose teeth.


Making motivation is Ford's 6.4-litre diesel. The rep on that Powerstoke V8 is much better than that of its 6-litre predecessor, but it's not all rainbows and hacky sack with Ford's big smoker. No issues are reported with this one, however.


That's backed up by an auto-box, and the power is put to all four wheels through a two-speed transfer case. The seller says that the truck originally came from California, and that it hasn't been used to its full potential under his watch. He also notes that it has some minor dings and quirks, as you would expect of any 5-year old truck. There's only 75K on the odo, or about average for that age.


What sucks about this truck? Well, the bluetooth apparently quit on the stereo. What the hell, nerds, can't you get anything right? The other kind of black cloud hanging over this truck's cab is the fact that it has a salvage title. Yeah, that's a boner-killer right there. The seller says that it came that way from the Golden State, and that Minnesota has inspected it and given it a clean bill of health, so there you go.

If you had a need to impress/offend the neighbors, present an iconic representation pf your genitalia size, or just can't seem to stop having really macho babies that need to be carted places in appropriate style, then this might be the truck for you.


Of course, 'for you' means for someone with the $49,700 it will apparently take to drive off in this behemoth. What do you think about that price for this Nimitz-class Ford? Is that an amount that seems commensurate to its size capability, and presence, and hence its value? Or, like everything else about this truck, is that over the top?


You decide!


eBay out of Minnesota, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Jimbobway for the hookup!

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