Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

They say the devil is in the details, and today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Diablo replica looks like it has had a hell of a lot of the details already ironed out. Will however, you need to sell your soul to buy it?

The seller of yesterday's 1987 Yugo GV asked three-grand to take it off his hands, to which 70% of you replied 'too soon.' That Least-ern European econobox may have been touted as a daily driver by its present owner, but with its Crack Pipe loss, today very obviously isn't that day.

One of the most severe marks against yesterday's Yugo was its reputation for poor build quality and durability, which have resulted in it becoming over time less of a car and more of a punchline.

What if that issue was a deal killer for you, but you still held a powerful jones for a particular car, what would you do? Would you have one built yourself? One that ascribes to your specific demands of style, construction, and reliability? Is that most likely what you would do?


Well, that is apparently what the original owner of this 2000 Lamborghini Diablo replica did to create a car that offered him the Lambo experience with the notable exclusion of the wallet-draining mechanical maintenance demands, and discordant 12-cylinder exhaust note.

This is not a hacked together Fiero re-body either, nor is there some ancient VW type 1 platform skulking beneath the orange fiberglass and rock, paper, scissor doors. Instead, the car supposedly sports a purpose-built chassis (albeit still Fiero-based) by a company called Italian Designes (yes, with an e in there where you wouldn't expect it) of Claremore Oklahoma. That company is also responsible for its construction.


That build includes independent coil-over suspension at each corner, a Porsche 915 5-speed transaxle in the back, and in front of that an LS1 V8 from the bowtie boys. The engine is topped with an LS6 intake that has been turned around bass-ackwards with the intake now facing rearward. 30# injectors ensure that power is up and fuel economy is down. Regardless, the 'Murican V8 is going to be every way to Tuesday cheaper to run than Lamborghini's DOHC 12.

The bodywork is a mix of model years and custom elements demanded by the original owner. The front lights are off a Nissan 300ZX, just like on a real Diablo, while the front turn signals originate from a Pontiac Grand Am and have been flush mounted in the bespoke front bumper. The overall appearance is Diablo dopplelgänger, but there are bits here and there that are somewhat off kilter.


On the inside the illusion is just as real with a swooping dash panel wrapped in what looks to be leather and a gated shifter. The steering column and levers looks to be GM-sourced, as does the HVAC controls while I think the stereo is a Sony. The seats look like something the Gynecologist has patients sit in for their examinations, necessary owing the the car's navel-height roofline.

No word on how the car drives, other than a claim of a 150 mph top end, but seeing as it's had a lot of press over the years, I'm sure there's some additional mention somewhere. Also, as noted by the pic of the Prom couple in the ad, this is not a good car for ladies in short dresses to get into and out of when there are camera's around. Just sayin.'


The original owner was in Texas, and the car is now being offered with 3500 miles on the odo in Boise Idaho. It's also seemingly without its fake V12 engine cover, although perhaps that was just taken off to show off the real engine in the ad.

The seller is asking $48,900, and I can assure you that neither will you be able to build a car of this caliber for that amount, nor would you want to go anywhere near a real Diablo with that kind of price. But is this commissioned car worth that much?


What's your take on this Diablo and its $48,900 (weird price, huh?) asking? Is that a devil of a deal? Or, is this layman's Lambo too far from the real deal to command so much cash?

You decide!


Boise Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to GL21133 for the hookup!

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