Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe M3 is claimed to be one of only 5 convertibles in the US. It also comes with a bit of a mystery so while you’ll get to weigh in on how much the seller is asking, you’ll also get to decide if its really a con he is masking.

Few were able to mask their revulsion for what had been done to yesterday’s skeletal 1993 Mazda MX5, as demonstrated by its 57% Crack Pipe loss even at less than two grand. I guess this disproves the old adage that less is in fact a buttload more.

You know what we can always stand more of is E30 M3s. Hell, we love ‘em. The first, and visually at least, most distinctive of the hot 3-series models, the initial M3 was also the only one to ever come with just four cylinders behind its twin kidneys.


That engine was the S14 edition of the M10, the foundation of which goes back all the way to the Neue Klasse 2002 of the late sixties. In the M3 it gained bigger pots and a DOHC top end derived from the M1’s six. That was good - depending on year and tune - for between 192 and 238 horsepower.

Those engines were dropped into a body that sported distinctive blistered fender flares, aero aides at the rockers and under each bumper, a prominent rear spoiler, and most notably, a backlight that was moved several inches rearward above a raised trunk lid.

This car lacks that last feature, as it’s tough to accomplish such bodywork on a convertible. That’s right, this is what is claimed to be one of five E30 Convertibles currently prowling the US.

Said in the ad to be a 1991 model - which was the last year of production for the hot rag top - it is also supposed to have had its U.S. adoption papers signed back in 2003. You see none of the 786 convertible cars hand built at BMW M's Garching facility were ever officially sold here.


Being a 1991 and originally sold in Yurrup, that means the S14 under hood left the factory with 215 horsepower to its name. The fact that it’s a drop top means that it also carried about 400-lbs more than its more common coupe sibling. That’s the price you pay for fun in the sun, I guess.

This one brings that fun in Diamond black over black Nappa leather topped with a black canvas roof. Whatever the new black is, this Bimmer isn’t interested. The interior shows some signs of use, but not necessarily wear and the dash and door panels seem t have stood the test of time better than those of most E30s. The IP looks to have been replaced with a US unit as it rocks MPH rather than KPH.

On the outside things look equally tidy and it sports headlamp wipers which I don’t think were an option on the US cars. The ad says that the car has been EPA and DOT certified, so it should be good to go in most if not all states.

Here’s the thing though, this might just be a scam.

This isn’t the first New Jersey one of five E30 M3 that can drop its roof to appear on craigslist this week. Ryan B sent this one my way, and it looks pretty similar - same color body and top, same wheels, etc. The only major differences between that car and this one are the red stripe on the bumpers and a twelve grand price difference. Oh yeah, and that ad was pulled at the same time this one went up. Things that make you go hummmmmm.


That earlier one of five had an asking price of $60,000, making this copy seeming a steal at a mere $48K. If this is in fact a legit ad, and this ‘91 M3 is offered at that price, do you think that’s a good dealio?

I mean who knows, maybe New Jersey is like some sort of freaky mecca for open topped E30 M3s, and the two ads appearing so close together is a no more than a weird co-inky-dink. It could happen. It could also happen that following up on the ad could result in you waking up in an icy motel room bath off the Jersey Turnpike and short a kidney. That’s a chance I’ll leave to others.

So, Nice price, crack pipe, or con job.

You decide!

North Jersey Craigslist, or go here is the ad disappears.

H/T to Ryan B for all the M3 hookups!

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