For $4,995, This AWD 1993 Eagle Summit Might Just Top Your List

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe candidate is a car that was never built, by a brand that no longer exists. It's weird, AWD, and Canadian to boot. Hopefully for the seller, that will all top out to a Nice Price win.

There was one thing that was really, really wrong about yesterday's 1985 Straman 300ZX convertible and that was that it was located in Florida. Florida! Like snakes to Indiana Jones, non-diarrhetic dialog to Kevin Smith, or the incontestable truth to a politician, Florida is something we all try and avoid whenever possible. That's because of all the humidity they have down there, and the crazy that it causes. Regardless of the danger, 66% of you felt that droptop ZX was worth its nominal asking price, and it came away with a solid win. I'll let you go and retrieve it, if you don't mind.


You've no doubt heard of Summit Racing - hell you may have even patronized the automotive retailer a time or two - but have you ever heard of racing a Summit? This 1993 Eagle Summit GTX AWD Turbo Coupe is potentially rally-worthy, but first we'll have to get over the fact that a 1993 Eagle Summit GTX AWD Turbo Coupe is a car that probably none of us has ever seen.

As you may recall, the Eagle brand was something concocted by Chrysler as a well of despair for all the flotsam and jetsam that came with the purchase of Jeep. Added to that were models from Mitsubishi was well as from the mothership herself because, why the hell not?

One of the Japanese imports to be branded as America's most important bird was the Mitsubishi Mirage which under Jeep-Eagle guise was offered as the Summit. Over at the older Chrysler brands it was also marketed as the Colt.


The Summit/Colt was a straight-forward econo-box, and one with no sporting pretensions whatsoever. The meanest mill you could have had in one was a milquetoast 123-horse 1.6-litre four, and the Summit two-door and four-door were understeer-loving front-wheel drive only.


The thing of it is, the Summit shared dealer space, and a bunch of parts, with the rock-em sock-em robot of a sporty car, the Eagle Talon. That car offered AWD, a gnawing rat of a turbo DOHC engine, and rallying pretensions. No one however, would ever go to the huge trouble of combining the two. Or would they?

This car is just such a melding of the out-of-your minds. This Summit rocks an Eagle drivetrain, including that 180-bhp turbo four, and an extra set of driving wheels. You can see the build thread here. Crazy, right?


What has resulted is a car that never was. Its look is pretty subtle, and in fact probably could stand the addition of a hoop spoiler, roll bar, and maybe a good set of Recaros inside in place of the standard chairs. The big question surrounding the car however, is, as ice skater Nancy Kerrigan once asked, why?


While working on that we can review the how, which includes a lot of reworking under the skin to adapt the AWD drivetrain and some housekeeping under the hood to accommodate the 4G63T and its claimed 220-bhp.

That engine is said to be out of a '91 Talon and is backed up by a C50PH 5-speed from a JDM Galant. The ad claims 15K since the motor was rebuilt and 240K on the rust-free body. That of course is all in Kilometers comrade.


This car is a fistful of WTF?, but I think that it's crazy in all the right ways, and not in the Florida way. There's little reason why someone might undertake such a massive conversion when the donor car is generally considered to be the more interesting to begin with.

Still, here it is, and it's likely going to be the only one you'll ever see, either in Canada - where the car presently lives - or in the U.S.A.. That Canadian locale means that it's also priced in Loonies, and as such we'll need to consider what its $4,995 price tag means in your local currency.


Here in the States at present, that amount equates to about $4,500. In the EU, that's closer to €3,500. What's your take on that price for this odd Eagle? Does that make it a deal? Or, is this a Summit with a price that won't be met?

You decide!


Ontario CA KiJiJi, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Canuck Chinaman for the hookup!

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