Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

There are many geographic locales named for the explorers who found them. Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Ford Explorer could help you reach some of those, owing to its Roush-improved motor and AWD. That is, if its price doesn’t put you off the Trac.

A notion famously attributed to the Red Green Show is that if they don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy. Yesterday’s 1984 VW Jetta GLI was pretty handsome, and it required a new owner that was at least a little bit handy. That unfinished project state was what killed the car’s chances and dunned its price with a 70% Crack Pipe loss.

Okay, so we’ve established that we don’t like other people’s yet to be completed project cars, but what about modded cars that are oh so ready to rock?
Here we have a 2010 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Adrenalin which is first and foremost a factory modded edition of Ford’s sassy four-door short-bed pickup based on the wildly popular Explorer Sport Utility.


This model debuted as a show truck at the 2005 New York Auto Show as an example of the Ford Division’s SVT group flexing their muscle. They called the Adrenalin the “world’s first high-performance sport-utility truck” in obvious insult to the precedent GMC Typhoon.

The addition of a Brenspeed Stryker Roush supercharger on top of the truck’s 4.6-litre modular V8 should ensure that its go matches its Adrenalin package show. As such, that pressure cooker mill should be good for 475-bhp and a lot of “whoooosh” when you set the spurs to it.


The rest of the truck should be pretty capable too. This second-generation of Sport Trac featured four-wheel independent suspension and Ford’s AdvanceTrac (what does For have against the letter ‘k’?) 40/60 split AWD. A four-speed automatic is noted in the ad, but I think these came with Ford’s ZF-based 6R box, and those have two more.

Aesthetically, well driving this would be like having a face tattoo of Ronald Regan riding an eagle, people are going to notice and the split between those who think it’s awesome and those who think you’re a yahoo will likely be evenly split. Oh, and don’t ever get a face tattoo.


The red paint here looks to be in fantastic shape, set off against what looks to be wildly illegal window tint. The huge alloy wheels show no evidence of curbing, while the only sign over all of its 78,000 miles is some odd peppering of the grill-mounted Ford emblem. Out back, the tailgate has a ton of badges—all touting its provenance—and one of the greatest blue oval to truck size ratios I think I’ve ever seen.

Inside there’s a sea of plastic, but Ford’s recent interior work has been pretty decent and both the styling and features will probably please the average car buyer. Leather covers the seating surfaces and wheel, while a beer tap shifter will make you feel like you’re rolling the slots in Vegas every time you drop it in drive. Nav and everything else you could probably want is included.


I’ll tell you what’s not included is much in the way of description in the truck’s ad. This Adrenalin is offered from a Chicago dealer called Windy City Motors. Here’s a fun fact, Chicago isn’t America’s windiest city. In fact, it ranks twelfth in average annual wind speed. I don’t think that has anything to do with the seller’s brevity of description, I think it’s just your typical used car dealer MO wanting to get you into the shop to talk.

We’re going to talk, with our votes! The selling price here is $32,999, and it should be noted that the Roush supercharger alone is eight-grand worth of hardware. With that in mind, what’s your take on nearly thirty-three grand for this hot Explorer? Does that price make your heart skip a beat? Or, at that price, does Windy City blow it?

You Decide!


Chicago IL Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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