For $3,995, Would You Go For A Slightly Needy 1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport?

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

The seller of today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Jeep says it needs a few incidentals. He doesn’t go into what those might be so you’ll have to decide if you’d be willing to go as far as paying his asking price.

Speaking of going, it’s go big or go home, right? Well, a whole lot of you wouldn’t have minded going both ways in yesterday’s cool as a cactus 1968 Buick LaSabre convertible. Not only that but with it’s 73% Nice Price win few would take issue with your buying acumen upon doing so either. Chest bump!


Boats like that Buick are a thing of the past these days. What’s hot right now instead are crossovers, since Jesus reputedly died on one. Crossovers are car-based tall wagons that are typically available with AWD. These have taken the mantle of popularity from their more truck-like and brutish cousins, the SUVs.

Today’s 1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport four-door is something of an in-betweener. It’s not quite a traditional SUV or a modern Crossover, seeing as it is both trail rated tough and a uni-body design. It’s also boxy as hell making it a pretty efficient hauler of people and stuff if you can get past the awkward driving position that puts the steering wheel right there in your lap.

The seller says that if the ad’s still up then the Jeep’s still not sold, and he asks that we all be respectful, responsible and sincere when coming to see it. Geez, that’s asking a lot, but okay.


Of course this Jeep has a lot to offer. It rocks the desirable 190-horse/225 lb-ft 4.0 OHV straight six to start with. Add to that a five speed stick and AWD with a two-speed transfer case, and it’s just like you’d want it. The ad notes the addition of an aftermarket exhaust, which apparently sounds nice as well.


The body looks straight and rust-free with paint that’s still holding up and trim that isn’t falling off. Inside, the cloth seats look to have suffered little wear, while the door cards, carpet and dash seem to have held in all their plasticky goodness despite the car’s 217,400 miles. It also comes with a clean title and recently passed California smog certificate.


It all seems good so far, right? Well, let’s get to the bad stuff. The ad says that the heater has been bypassed, which means it obviously it has sprung a leak. That oddball plastic thing on the dash isn’t some tot’s easy bake oven making tasty drive-time treats. Nope, that’s the factory heater’s replacement, at least according to the ad.

Now, I don’t know if you have to pull the entire dash on these to replace the heater core on one of these like you do on some cars (like all of the ones I own), but geez, could you imagine picking up your tinder date on a cold evening and telling them to cozy up to the little red box on the dash for warmth? Yeah, no second date for you, cold-ass Jeep owner!


Then there’s the ad’s off-handed admission that the car “needs a few incidental things like most of these older Cherokee’s do.” Huh? What incidental things do old Cherokees need? WHAT’S IN THE BOX?! Is it just a replacement air freshener tree to hang from the rear-view? Or, maybe he considers a new main seal, wheel bearings, and a valve job to be issues to be brushed aside. I’d like to know where exactly where on the spectrum of minor annoyances to deal breakers his concept of incidental lies.


I’d like to know because the car’s price is $3,995 and that doesn’t seem all that bad based on the rest of the ad’s presentation. What’s your take on this well-optioned but mysteriously needy Jeep and that $3,995 price? Does it seem cheap enough that anything minor won’t matter? Or, is this Cherokee too much of a mystery to say that’s a deal?

You decide!


Sacramento Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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