Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Over the course of its existence, the letter K has had its up and downs. There’s the KKK which of course sucks, and Special K which is healthy and delicious. Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Laser is the letter K taken to the extreme. Let’s see if this one is up to meeting its asking price, m’kay?

Unsurprisingly, yesterday’s Corvair-powered 1972 Porsche 911 walked off the stage with a massive 92% Crack Pipe loss, our first of the week! While its audacity and bold in-yer-face-ity was laudable, the decisions made and the price asked for them were what ultimately doomed that weird ride. Keeping with the theme, today, we’re going with a Ferrari powered by a Fiat 126 twin! Just kidding. Actually, today I’m going to light up your life, if just a little bit.


My favorite part of the Austin Powers movie is when Dr. Evil is describing his evil plan involving lasers, and he pronounces them “laay-zers” with air quotes. Now, every time I say the name of today’s candidate—which is a 1986 Chrysler Laser X/T— I want you to say to yourself Laay-zer. I thank you, Mike Myers thanks you, and your co-workers will thank you.

The Laser was a K-car, sharing its underpinnings with the Aries, Reliant, and derivative Caravan minivans. The K-car saved Chrysler from the scrapheap and provided the foundation for almost everything the company made in the ‘80s. It was like a clean up hitter, with FWD.


This being an ‘86 Chrysler Laser it hails from the last of the model’s short three year production run. This one comes in top of the line XT garb, and with the desirable 146-bhp 2.2-litre turbo four. A five speed manual makes for an engaging partner in crime for that blown four, and the car comes with new axles, brakes and struts.

The interior is cloth and the seats look like a pair of Shar-Pei dogs hanging out in there. They really do! Everything seems to be in decent shape, with the exception of something going on with the driver’s seat bolster. I don’t know what that is on there, but it looks kind of nasty. There’s a factory sunroof up top if you should happen to like factory sunroofs.


On the outside, things also look pretty well sorted, at least on the passenger side. The driver’s side is another matter, however. There the ad says the car is missing its rubstrip owing to having been side-swiped by someone. It’s hardly noticeable and it looks like that’s when the car was resprayed with its current shiny red paint.

Other issues on the 117,000-mile car include formerly rusted floorpans that were poorly fixed by a previous owner, and a non-working A/C. It’s best not to bring that last bit up with the seller though, as he seems to be sensitive about it. A crack in the windshield rounds out the bugaboo list.


On the plus side the seller says the car gets 32 mpg, dines on Camaros, and comes with a “solid” Daytona Pacifica parts car in the deal! In case you weren’t counting, that’s two cars for the price of one.

Ah, but what is that price, you’re asking yourself in between the spates of “laay-zer” that are seriously starting to annoy your co-workers. The seller say’s he’s priced the car to sell, and in his mind, that means $3,250.


What do you think about that asking price? Does that seem like a deal for a special K? Or, is this a Laser with a price that doesn’t leave you beaming?

You decide!


Muncie IN Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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