Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

VW will probably never ‘come clean’ in its resolution of Dieselgate, but as today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Jetta proves, there’s still plenty of cool Vee Dub oil burners out there, if that’s your bag. Maybe this one’s price will also make you want to bag it up and take it home.

Have you ever met someone who had almost all the attributes you want in a person—quirky, fun, good looking—with the singular exception of their being an asshole? That was sort of the problem with yesterday’s 1995 Alfa Romeo 164Q.

No, it wasn’t an asshole, at least I don’t think so. No, the one issue that seemingly ruined it for many of you was its price. Fully 80% of you went for the Crack Pipe option on that, generally spoiling the mood for the day. Sorry about that.

Perhaps today’s car and its far-lower asking will make up for yesterday’s seeming pricetrophe. After all, it’s Friday and for many of us that means: let’s get this party started.


What we have here is a 1987 Volkswagen Jetta, one that appears to be a GLi. Well, it may used to have been. You see, much like a visitor to the Island of Dr Moreau, or an uninvited guest at a Trump rally, this Jetta has had things done to it.

Perhaps the most important change lies under the hood where an eco-diesel motor (I’m guessing a 1.8, but you VW fans can provide a more accurate assertion) has taken up residence. That’s partnered with an ACH five-speed stick because who the hell doesn’t like that? The Samba ad says there’s 147,000 miles on the car, but an unknown number on the diesel mill.


Not only does this Jetta now rattle and get great mileage, but it also benefits from some substantial maintenance—timing belt, water pump, etc—to keep it rattling and high-mileaging for the foreseeable future.

The mechanicals aren’t the only thing to have gotten attention here as the body gets a round-light Golf nose, and the interior a natty set of Recaro seats with matching rear upholstery and door cards. It all looks pretty serviceable too, with only some paint wear on the B-pillars and the claim of a minor spot of rust on the door sill to detract. Oh and the freaking teardrops face different ways on different sides of the car, which would drive me nuts.


Other things of which you should be aware; the car previously had A/C but the smoker apparently doesn’t have the necessary parts. The car is a non-sunroof, manual window edition so those of you expecting luxury accommodations might also be sorely disappointed.

On the plus side, it comes with a new heater core and the seller apparently threw in a nicer dashboard. In addition to that, the ad says it’s a clean Texas car, and that it starts right up and goes.

Taken all together it’s sort of a Frankencar, but seeing how nicely it all seems to have come together it’s more like the Bride of Frankencar: hotter looking and less likely to throw a child down a well.


The asking price is $3,000, which gives you a car that’s efficient and somewhat unique, and that lets you plant your ass in honest to dog Recaros.

What’s your take on this Rubic’s Cube of a Jetta, is $3,000 a seemingly fair price for all you’re getting? Or, is this a mad mashup that’s too sketchy for such a price?


You decide!

The Samba out of Lincoln Nebraska, or go here if the ad disappears.

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