For $3,000, Have A Dodge Ball

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

In much of the U.S. fall means a riot of earthy colors as the trees party down one final time before winter's cold embrace. Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe old-school D100 fits with its autumn color scheme, but is its price set to see it fall?

Do you remember when you were a kid and you stuck a paperclip into one of the wall sockets in your house? Whoo-doggies, that burning hair smell never goes away, now does it? Well, with its 90% Crack Pipe loss, yesterday’s torpid Tesla of an Alfa Romeo 164 proved seemingly an equally bad bit of judgement, and just as shockingly so.


Today we’re switching gears, literally as our contender Dodge D100 comes with our favorite toy, a four-speed tranny. It also has a 318 that, thanks to lightly loaded rear end, should be pretty good at converting dead dinosaurs into tire smoke and macho posturing.

When it comes to America, we loves us some pickup trucks. And when it comes to pickup trucks, we loves us some Ford F150s, as that model is the reigning king of sales, and has been since back when MTV was cool. But that doesn’t mean that the competition hasn’t been trying, all these years, to knock Ford off the podium.


Today’s 1979 Dodge D100, while used and wearing a patina that looks more comfortable than footsie pajamas in front of a roaring fire, might make you reconsider whether you need all that fancy pants stuff a new truck provides. And it'll certainly take your mind off of Fords.

Back in the ‘70s, Dodge came out with a series of special edition pickups that threw both ostentation and performance at an audience that didn’t know they needed such things. The L’il Red Truck, Midnight Express, and Warlock were all marketed by the brand as ‘adult toys,’ and for a short time, the Dodge hauler was the fastest thing built in America.


Being an adult toy may be a little too salacious these days (thanks Internet!), and because of that it’s perhaps good to know that this short wheelbase (115-inch) step side is just a Custom, and not so much a toy. That’s not to say that its drivetrain, including the aforementioned 318 and 4 on the floor wouldn’t be entertaining.


For ’79 the 318 came in both 2bbl and 4bbl versions. The two-throat offered a meager 135-bhp while the big carb’d edition managed a little more respectable 155. Of course the LA has been a Mopar mainstay for decades and there’s plenty of go-faster bits that can be added.

The rest of the truck is about as sweet as you could want, featuring a topographical map of colors and contours but looking like it’s all there. The autumn-hued DODGE side stripes and hood detail ensure the truck’s participation in your town’s harvest festival parade very year.


The ad is a little cryptic in its description, although you do get the impression that the lumber in the box bed has been replaced, and that it has many of the functional accoutrements of the era, including power steering and brakes, as well as A/C. You can glean that, but the general lack of punctuation and random emoji makes getting any more info a challenge.


At least the seller managed to use pictures from a recent outing for his ad, and now I am curious as to what happened to the truck’s front bumper in the Luray Caverns.

Bumper or no, this truck does look like it would make you ten points cooler just by driving it and after all who us couldn’t use the help? Yeah, you know who I'm talking about. Of course the more important question is whether it’s worth three grand to do so.


What do you think, is this too cool for old-school D100 worth $3,000? Or, is that price as dodgy as the ad?

You decide!


Washington DC Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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