For $23,000, Who Needs Swag When You Have Lincoln Style?

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Many lament that the Lincoln of today does not reflect the luxury and ostentation of the brand's great products of years past. To rectify this, perhaps the marque should look no further than today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe custom '78, that is of course, if its price is not equally lamentable.

While not likely to get any work done, yesterday's cute as a button custom AMC Pacer pickup was certainly working the adorableness factor. That, along with a three grand price, proved enough to garner a 68% Nice Price win, making the week so far one for two.


Today's equally custom-riffic 1978 Lincoln Continental Town Car convertible isn't one for two, but is one of only three claimed to have been built. The cars were constructed by Silcco, located non-ironically in Florida.

This particular car has been further massaged in the name of individuality, and features along with its four door drop-toppiness a wicked set of Superfly headlamp covers, traditional greyhound atop its Rolls-esque grille, and a real Continental kit making this Continental a Continental with a Continental. Quick, somebody do the Xzibit meme!


At 233-inches long, the Lincoln Continental Town car was the largest mass-produced car in the world in 1978, its body on frame construction also contributing to its 5,200-lb plus weight. The traditional construction method made the über Fords perfect candidates for custom coachwork and Silcco, in addition to the convertible, also built a number of stretched limos off the platform.

The seller makes no mention of which of the two available engines this custom has under its multiple ZIP Code-sized hood. '78 models offered both the 166-bhp Cleveland 400-cid and 210-horse 460, each of which was backed by Ford's sturdy but lugubrious C6 automatic.


Overall this Lincoln's condition appears to be da bomb, all the way down to its 100-spoke Players with their devil's peen spinners. Multiple curb feelers and ‘Slade vents additionally dress up the sides, and while not shown erect, there does appear to be a full convertible top on the car. Inside, it's that ‘70s Show, 24-7. The upholstery is white with red piping, and the dash and door panels are likewise russo hued. Power everything but a bidet and working A/C are additional items in this big Lincoln's favor.


Potentially not so however is its price, which according to the ad is $23,000. Considering the exclusivity and overall presence this Lincoln provides, that's well within consideration. Of course, thinking about its limited market appeal - pimps, wannabe pimps, loud polyester wearers with two thumbs, Mitt Romney - that many Benjamins may be too many.


What's your take, is this Silcco custom Connie Convertible worth that $23,000? Or, does that price make this a stinkin' Lincoln?

You decide!


Chicago Craigslist or go here if the awesomeness is denied.

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