For $2,900, It’s Your Funeral

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

It is said that it's not the cough that carries you off, but the coffin they carry you off in. Regardless, before you're pushing up daisies, you might want something like today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe LTD Flower Car to carry them in. The question is, will its price mean that it's dead to you?

If you've ever owned one of Ford's orphan European cars here in the states - Cortina, Capri, first-gen Fiesta, Merkur, or an Anglia like yesterday's 13B-Powered '66 then you would know that the company considers them dearly departed from their parts inventory. Fortunately, enterprising souls like the creator of yesterday's car know some work-arounds, and the mods made to this Anglia overcame any qualms about its price, earning it a narrow but solid 62% Nice Price win.


You may have also noticed yesterday that the old commenting system has gone the way of Elvis, only to - phoenix-like - rocket from the crypt as the shiny new commenting system. Get to know it, use it, one day it might just save your life. And, speaking of life, it's pretty much guaranteed that yours, mine, and ours, will eventually end in death. Don't sweat it, that's just how it goes. And when it's your time to go, hopefully it won't be while doing something majorly embarrassing - you know, for the sake of your mom.

We bring the dead flowers as a reminder of what they will soon be fertilizing. And while you may make the trip to your final resting place in a funeral coach or hearse, usually following that in the processional is a vehicle much like today's 1980 Ford LTD Wagon-up, filled with sprays and bouquets the bright colors of which stand in stark contrast to the somber tones and mood typically exhibited at one's last hurrah.


I'm not 100% sure that flower car was this Ford's stated purpose back in the day, but even if it's only the work of some Bath Salts addict, it seems the perfect role for it to play moving forward. The open bed, covered under floor storage, and versatile MagicGate rear access make it just as flexible as a Honda Ridgeline, so much so that this car's creator should consider suing Honda over patent infringement.


Along with the features previously described, there's a flip-up back window just aft of the rear bench, handy should you want to stop and smell the roses without actually having to bother with the actual stopping part. There's also a truncated roof rack and the kind of cheesy wheels you usually see on cars in the Pep Boys parking lot. Inside, it looks to be a sea of mint green and three wide both front and back, putting this Ford one up on the five-place Ridgeline.

The ad doesn't go into much detail but does say it sports a V8 and automatic. The latter is easy to divine because I'm pretty sure the only tranny offered on the LTD that year was the Select Shift 3-speed. The former's a little harder to nail down as the car was available with two V8 options in ‘80 - the 302 and the 351. Considering that the horsepower difference between them was only 10 ponies (130 vs. 140, what? stop laughing) it probably doesn't matter which is resting peacefully under the hood of this one.


What does matter is the price, which is $2,900. For that you're getting a big Ford wagon with the versatility of a modern open bed SUV like the aforementioned Honda, or a Chevy Avalanche. Both of those options will set you back far more than this Ford's asking, but does that still make it a deal? What do you think, should someone dig up $2,900 for this funerary Ford? Or, should the price of this flower car be nipped in the bud?


You decide!


Reading Rainbow Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to nts5039 for the hookup!

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