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For $2,500, You Can Add a ’75 Nova Convertible to Your Short List

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Disco Nova was a popular cop car back in the ‘70s. What it wasn't was a popular chop car back then, but as today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe candidate demonstrates, somebody thought it should come up short.

Short is not a word that equates to anything relative to Saquille O'Neal, and his customized Ferrari 456GTA caused 67% of you to drop the Crack and pick up the Shaq, as the Diesel's ride cruised to an easy Nice Price victory.


That Ferrari had been custom tailored to accommodate O'Neal's ample frame, and while today's 1975 Chevy Nova has also been modified, its more DAAA than NBA.


Hailing from the backwoods of Maine is this 1975 Chevy Nova convertible. Now before racking your brain over the idea of that, you should know that Chevy never built these as drop-tops, instead only offering their '70s Novas as sealed containers- in order to keep the occupants at their maximum freshness. No, this is a custom job. If it does strike a spark of familiarity, that's probably because it looks just like the rare and equally freakishly-proportioned Cadillac Seville Milan conversion, an example of which is below.

Now, the body-on-frame Nova served as the basis for the first-generation Seville, so there's little issue to somebody having made a Milan version of the Chevy. As the Seville one was kind of dorktastic, it's questionable as to why you would want to do that to the lesser ride, but its presence here indicates that someone thought it would be a good idea. In fact, just to muddy the waters further, it's conceivable - not being able to see the rear end - that this is a Caddy Milan, and somebody simply replaced the front clip with one from the Chevy. I can hear you all making your best Keanu whoa over that concept.

The Milan was so funky looking because the Seville never came in a two-door, and the builders didn't bother making the doors any longer when they cut 18" out of the wheelbase. The short distance between trunk edge and windscreen header makes for an equally tiny ragtop, and with such odd proportions the car certainly stands out in a crowd, sort of like the way those People of Walmart folks do. The Nova came in both two and four doors, and yet this conversion has the shorter doors of the sedan, lending credence to it potentially being a Milan with a nose job. The seller makes the claim that UNDOCUMENTED THAT A FEW CARS WERE COMPLETED OFF THE ASSEMBLY LINE AT THE TARRYTOWN, NY CHEV PLANT. Um, maybe so, but I'm going to have to go with a gut instinct and call bullshit on that.


Whatever it looked like leaving Tarrytown, it's now playing shortstop in a weedy yard in Maine. It also may have been able to move under its own power upon being freed from the factory, but its current lack of an engine/transmission makes it emblematic of that old joke about Novas not selling in Spanish speaking countries because nobody'd buy a car that's a no-va. The seller says it had an SBC and an automatic, but you can fit damn near anything you want under that hood, as it hasn't been truncated. Finding a 350 V8 to drop in there will be easy peasy lemon squeezy as you can't swing a dead cat in the junk yard without hitting one. Besides, in '75, the Chevy 350 found under the hoods of regular Novas (Novi?) only managed to queef out about 165 ponies.

You'll have to shell out $2,500 if you want to bring this Nova home from Maine without haggling with someone who could potentially have been the template for a Stephen King killer. Sure you'll need to bring a trailer (hey, did anyone mention this car to Bring-A-Trailer?) and it's BYOSBC, but in the end you'll be all set for parades, compact parking spaces and clown hook-ups. At the very least, you'll have your own PCH story to share.


So, do you think this Nova convertible is worth $2,500? Or, do you think for that price it'd be like getting the short straw?

You decide!


Maine Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears. H/T to B.A. Connolly for the link!

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