Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

The ad for today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe GMC Jimmy says that it's not for the shy, nor for those looking for a show truck. Hopefully for the seller, he has priced it so buyers won't be shy about showing him the money.

You know, there are some people who just don't like college basketball. I know, I know, heretics one and all, but still who are we to judge? For those anti-NCAA-tites March is always the cruelest month, no matter what Eliot might otherwise aver. That's owed to the madness that occurs by the time spring is cracking open an eye, and all the bracketing that goes with that madness.*


Considering these two factors - spring's arrival and the desire to get away from the constant barrage on TV and in any news channel you can imagine - what better time is there to consider an off-road capable truck whose top can come off?

If you couldn't care less about March Madness, or if you're still in shock about Duke taking a dump, then perhaps your attention might be otherwise occupied by thoughts of this 1985 GMC Jimmy 4x4 and visions of you behind its wheel, fording streams and climbing things that would normally require your feet.

GMC introduced the full-sized Jimmy in 1970, a year after the debut - and as a twin of - Chevy's Blazer. Why does GM maintain two nearly identical consumer truck lines under different brands? Well, pretty much because Chevy has always sold trucks, and by offering GMC versions the other GM brands can get in on the high-margin truck sales game. For a while the company partnered GMC with Pontiac. After that brand went tits up they let the truck company play the remaining field, extant of Chevy.


Should you want to play in the fields, this '85 Jimmy looks well equipped to let you get your game on. Under hood is the ubiquitous 350-cid V8 that was good new for around 160-bhp. Backing that up is a TH700-R4 and backing up that is an NP208 transfer case with 2.61:1 low range. The 208 sends the monkey business to GM 10-bolt axles front and rear.


Here those axles support a set of 33-inch tires that, along with a 6-inch chassis lift will make driving the truck feel like you're an NCAA contender. Just in case you have a couple friends who are NBA draft tall the rear cap of the Jimmy is removable, and the back glass retracts into the gate giving unfettered access to the great outdoors.


The ad for this Jimmy shows it in just such environments, and the seller claims that it has gotten him out of many a scrape. He also notes that the luxury accouterments such as power windows and locks all work as they should. It's not all three-pointers however, as the ad does note that the truck shows some signs of use, including a few dings, and in the pics the rear step bumper hangs askew like it's been the recipient of too many slam dunks.

Despite those minor aesthetic issues - plus a back seat that looks septic - this Jimmy seems to be in usable shape, especially for someone who wants to get away for - oh say a month. What would such a trip cost? Well, the seller is asking $2,500 for the truck and he aptly describes it as a sexy beast.


Based on the pics and description, what's your take on that price for this truck? Do you think that $2,500 makes this GMC a top Jimmy? Or, does that price drop it from your bracket?

You decide!


Houston Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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* It should be noted that March Madness may also refer to the time of year when certain breeds of hare get their sexy time on. That is also something that you'd probably also want to get away from, as from what I understand their coital screams can be blood curdling.

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