For $2,500, Go To Hellcamino

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The concept of an afterlife for sinners filled with suffering and pain is a prime motivator for believers keeping on the straight and narrow. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Chevy — audaciously dubbed the Hellcamino - may be seen as sinful, but will its price also appear set by Satan?

Based on its 64% Nice Price win, it doesn't look like the seller of yesterday's straight but stationary BMW E3 3.0S would have to make a deal with the devil to move his semi-PCH sedan. And that was even with an automatic featured as one of its hell's bells and whistles.


Are you all familiar with a dude named Vincent Furnier? You may know him better by the stage name he adopted from his band - Alice Cooper. That persona has been an integral part of his career, which served as one of the earliest to meld rock and horror tropes - even before there was Rocky Horror. The thing of it is, aside from some dalliances with alcoholism and ‘80s techno-pop, Vince isn't a very evil guy, preferring golf to ghouls and the Simpsons to Satan.

Still, one must keep up appearances and should Señor Cooper need to pop down to the Home Depot for a flat of pansies or gallon of Glidden Sunshine Yellow semigloss, then there would be no better way to do so than in today's custom 1973 Chevy Hellcamino.

Now, as you all know we kinda' like our El Caminos real (ver lo que hice allí?). This one however is fortunately one of the relatively less-loved fourth generation A-body truckars. Back when new the most amazeballs motor that could be had under the Elkie's hood was the 245-bhp 454. That's pretty chock full of cubic inches but apparently wasn't enough for the builder here as he has gone for 500 cubes of Cadillac power. Behind that is a Turbo Hydro-something claimed yanked from not your father's Oldsmobile. A 3.73 Posi rear-end works to keep the squirrels at bay.


Up top the first thing you'll notice is that there's no top, the roof and windscreen having been cut off like a 2AM drunk. In order to keep down the windburn and the erant cicada from putting an eye out, there's a cut-down windscreen atop the spare custom El Camino emblazoned dash panel. The seats look like they're something Mad Max might dispense vigilante justice from, and behind those is a roll bar that appears to offer about as much protection as a Catholic-brand condom.


Part of the appeal of the El Camino is that it comes with a serviceable bed, and the Hellcamino is no different in that aspect. It has been tubbed, with angled side-walls making it looks a little like a below-grade freeway. But at least that draws attention away from the total lack of a tailgate making extrication of the empty beer cans and errant dog scat all the more difficult.


The seller (who claims to be listing the car for his dad) says the builder has grown bored with this project and is looking to get rid of the car so that he can invest time and space into his next. The mind shudders to think what that might be.

Regardless, he now wants $2,500 for his current creation, which he has branded the Hellcamino. What do you think, is the direction taken - and the amount of work/money taken to get there - worth that kind of old scratch? Or, for that much, can the Hellcamino go straight to. . . well, you know?


You decide!


Lexington Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Peter Hess for the hookup!

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