For $2,000, Are This Civic’s BFGs A BFD?

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Top Gear is presently in the middle of a cracking two-parter about the lads traversing Africa in three estates they bought for 1500 quid each. Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Civic Wagon is even less than that, but do you think it’s worth it to try and catch up with Jezza, Captain Slow and the Hamster?

Quick, when you think of Texas, what’s the first thing that pops into mind? Shiner Bock? Friday Night Lights? The Alamo? Nope, what jumps to the front of the line when thoughts turn to the Lone Star State are pick-em up trucks, usually Chevies. What doesn't appear on that list however, not even below Democrat or unarmed, is weird little car from Spain.

And while Texans might want to say ignore him, he’s from Barcelona, there was no ignoring the fact that yesterday’s 2005 SEAT Ibiza made its way to the Lone Star state, nor could you turn a blind eye to its incredibly narrow 52% Crack Pipe loss.

Hondas have been coming here legally for decades, even to Texas. This 1985 Civic Wagon 4x4 is a couple of states over in Arizona, but with its 3" lift it looks ready to search for the source of the Rio Grande. Hint, it’s Canby Mountain in the Colorado Rockies.

The third generation Civic was the also the third to offer a wagon bodystyle here in the States, but unlike the previous models' traditional longroof appearance, it went for a high-roof, uber hatch look. Variously named the Wagovan, Wagon, or Shuttle, it mirrored the competing Toyota Tercel in having an over-sized third light, and offering part-time 4-wheel drive.

This one is claimed to do daily driver duty despite the likely road noise generated from its massive BFG meats. The seller claims that it runs and drives just great, and that with the 6-speed transmission - 5 plus a granny gear for when the shit gets real - it can still manage 30 highway.


Visually the car looks to be in decent shape, not having succummed to the tin worm as have many of the breed. There is a rather sizable dent on the bottom of the driver’s door, but that’s better than having an inconsiderate Englishman take a pair of snips to it. Plus, chicks dig scars.

They might also like the big tires and enhanced ride height, as do I, but one thing that may be concerning is the 1” spacers that keep those gnarly gumballs from saying how do you do to the inner fenders. The only other mechanical issues noted in the ad and that might affect valuation are torn inner axle boots. The seller says he’s including a set of rebuilts along with the sale, so at least only labor would be a concern should the current ones go belly up.

He’s also throwing in a new clutch, catalytic convertor, resonator, carb rebuild kit and the original wheels as well. It’s a good thing this Civic is a wagon as you might not be able to fit such a spare part bounty in anything smaller.


The Top Gear team never have to spend their own money on any of the cars they buy for their various challenges, but that’s not a luxury typically afforded the rest of us. Someone out there will likely want to buy this cool Tonka Toy of an old Civic wagon, and to do so they’ll need to come up with $2,000 in trade.

Your challenge is to determine if this 4x4 Civic Wagon seems worth that kind of change. What do you think, is this Rock and Rolla' Honda worth $2,000? Or, is this a bruiser that’s cruisin’ for a losin’?

You decide!


Phoenix Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears

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