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For $19,600, This 2003 Brabus ML58 Is More Sport Than Utility

Illustration for article titled For $19,600, This 2003 Brabus ML58 Is More Sport Than Utility
Nice Price Or No DiceIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

How do you like your classic sport utilities biased; more towards the sport, or tilted to the utility? If it’s the former, then today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe ML58 might just be your ride, that is if its price doesn’t make you want to miss the Brabus.


Brabus, you know the name, you know what they do. They’ve been around for seemingly forever, and the company’s moniker is a melding of the two founders’ last names.

We had a Mercedes on the show not that long ago that purported to be a Brabus-modded E320, however that badge-denuded wagon actually showed no evidence of having ever been to that neighborhood of Tune-town. This 2003 Brabus ML58 on the other hand leaves little doubt - visually - of its Brabustiness.


The ad for the sport utility notes that the present owner is ‘testing the waters’ for selling the hot Benz, which actually started out life as a 2001 ML-number, number, number. He puts forth an argument in support of his price by noting that it took over $150,000 to imbue what once was a mild-mannered soccer mom SUV into its present form - the Mighty, Mighty Brabus ML58.

Illustration for article titled For $19,600, This 2003 Brabus ML58 Is More Sport Than Utility

What did all that entail? Well, under the hood there is a 400-bhp/427 lb-ft of torque 5.8-litre V8. That’s covered in more carbon fiber pieces than Pastor Maldonado’s career, and includes a plaque noting the engine number and the signature of the builder, just in case you want to steal his identity.

The engine is bolted to a 5-speed automatic with Brabus tuning and breathes through a Brabus quad-tipped exhaust system. Babus wheels are wrapped around Brabus brakes (are you sensing a pattern here?), while the suspension has also been tweaked by - wait for it - Brabus.


The ML looks pretty good, at least in the limited pictorial offered in the ad. The black paint seems perfectly serviceable, and the (sigh) Brabus body mods - roo-bar, running boards, custom bumpers, etc. - butch up the basic design, which, come on let’s be honest, was never Mercedes’ best work.

Illustration for article titled For $19,600, This 2003 Brabus ML58 Is More Sport Than Utility

The interior gets the short shrift in the pics but we do get to see the Brabus 180-mph speedo which is badged with both Brabus and the brand’s big B logo. Based on the limited intel offered by the ad, I’m deducing that the interior color is some form of beige, which is of course the beigest of interior colors. Livening up things are Brabus floor mats, a Brabus steering wheel, Brabus shift knob, and Brabus wood, which no doubt is specially grown to spell BRABUS in its grain.

Along with all the Brabus accoutrements this ML is also loaded from the Alabama factory, featuring Nav, a Moon roof though which you can moon tall people, premium leather on the heated seats, and HID headlights. The whole ball of Brabus wax has only ever turned 74,000 miles, and is described in the ad as being in excellent condition.


The owner says he testing the waters, so let’s help him out by noting how deep we think his $19,600 puts potential buyers. What’s your take on this Brabusted Benz? Does $19,600 seem like a fair price to lay down for a professionally modded ML? Or, is that Brabus fare just not fair?

You decide!


St Louis Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Schemeschm for the hookup!

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I know I shouldn't generalize like this, but...

If you buy one of these new, you're something of a pretentious douche... the kind that gets the gold-look fixtures in the bathroom where everything else—the shower, the sink, the mug—is black. You get the largest TV as soon as it comes out. You have a huge house in a subdivision, and your son regularly finds your Playboy collection. You've got guns in a gun safe and a time share. Douchey, but you've earned it so it's cool.

If you buy one of these used, you're the kind of guy that signs up for the gym just so you can brag to the other fellas at your low-paying job that you work out. You're not so much interested in going to the gym as you are in people seeing you at the gym.

I'm not even saying this thing isn't worth almost 20 g's. I'm saying that, if you spend 20 g's on it, be prepared for some stigma. With that, I gotta say CP.