For $19,500, Virginia Is For El Camino Lovers

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

The 1965 Chevy El Camino was available with a straight six, just not the hot-sake six of today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe edition. You need to decide if that addition makes this Camino's price a straight-up deal.

Following a couple of out-and-out weirdo rides this week, yesterday's clean as a bean 1968 Ford Falcon was greeted with teary eyed rejoicing. It also received a warm welcome for its price, and in fact fully 78% of you considered thirteen-five to be a deal for so thoughtfully modded a car.


If you thought that sixties Ford was a cool deal, let's see your take on this Chevy Chevelle Camino. Yesterday's resto-mod kept it all in the FoMoCo family, but today's Virginia- located 1965 El Camino gets its motivation by turning Japanese.

The first El Camino was introduced in 1959 as competition for Ford's Ranchero, which had debuted fully two years earlier. It was marketed as the first Chevy pick up with a metal floor instead of wood, and rode on the platform of the full-sized two-door wagon. Remarkably, that initial El Camino only lasted two model years - 1959-1960 - before being retired.

Both the name and the form factor were revived in 1964, only this time on the smaller Chevelle platform. Ford had again gotten the jump on Chevy 4-years earlier by moving the Ranchero to the similarly-sized Falcon chassis. Here Chevy may have been playing catch up, but today what is the standard bearer for the car-truck form? That's right, the El Camino. That is, unless you're a Ford guy. Or Australian. Or this is your first time here.


What if instead of any of that you're Japanese, or at least a fan of the performance mills coming from the Land of the Rising Sun? Well, this 'Mino has you covered there as well. With only 1,000 miles since its insertion, the motivating factor for this Chevy is a Toyota six, known notoriously on stage and in song as the 2JZGTE.

Offered between 1991 and 2002, these engines are chock full of twins- twin camshafts, twin turbos... well, I guess that's it. Those twins all worked together to push out about 275-bhp in stock tune and there's not much to indicate that this one wouldn't do likewise. The install looks relatively clean albeit unsensational, and sports a Mishimoto intercooler ahead of its aluminum radiator for densification of the intake load.


The Toyota mill is backed up by an R154 5-speed and that's actuated by a short lever set in a bare metal center console which itself is situated between a pair of Recaro high-backs. The instruments are stock, but likely not hooked up as they are mostly blocked by a DASH2 LCD which seems to take their place. There's also a lot more bare metal in the cab, and I wonder how noisy it is in there as a result.


You can see how noisy the car is on the outside, via this shorty video, and (SPOILER ALERT), it's pretty sweet.

On the outside its all old school matte black, like kerosene-rubbed primer. For some visual interest there is a bit of Von Dutch homage on the cowl-induction style hood, and a complimentary tramp stamp on the gate. The suspension - Ride Tech or so the ad says - has gotten the drop on the car, and it's riding on some BMW-like alloys. You can bet that even if refreshed, the suspension on this beast is going to be good for cruising but of little use for carving canyons.


What does this mad mix of American iron and Japanese horsepower cost? The seller is asking $19,500 and is fishing for that or something close, in cash, because he's looking to get out of Dodge as well as out of this Chevy.

Do you think this build - in its present form and as presented in the ad - is worth $19,500? After all it's made up of - as the Von Trapps used to sing - a few of our favorite things. Or, is that too much for this revvy Chevy?


You decide!


Washington DC Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to captdownshift for the hookup!

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