For $18,995, Would You Say This Custom 2003 Chevy Suburban Is Super Sporty?

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Suburban is cosplaying as a bad-ass SS and is killing it. Let’s see if that, and its price, might make it a screaming deal, just be-cos.

In the movie The Labyrinth, a plucky Jennifer Connolly was forced to fight David Bowie’s evil Goblin King throughout a bewildering maze in order to save her baby brother from becoming a Muppet.


Many of you took one look at the equally daunting warren of hoses and tubes atop the twin-carb equipped engine of yesterday’s 1987 Honda Prelude and threw up your hands saying let the goblins have it! Enough of you would still take the car however, and it took the day with a solid 65% Nice Price win.

If you were wondering just what yesterday’s Honda was prelude to, the answer obviously is this 2003 Chevy Suburban. And seeing as this black beauty is has been customized both outside and in, as well as under the hood, I’d say it was worth the build up.

Now, Chevy has been kind of stingy over the years when it comes to handing out its venerated SS badge, and it has never offered the “Super Sport” application on anything quite as big as the ‘Burban. There have been SS models of the HRR and Chevy’s smaller SUV, the Blazer, so the precedent has been set, and this truck leverages the nose of the Silverado SS so custom or not, it’s all in the family.


Speaking of family, you can take the whole crew in this SS as long as their numbers don’t exceed seven. And honestly, why should they? That’s just how many seats this beast has, and each chair—save for the rear-most center one—has a headrest that’s embossed with the SS logo.


The capacious interior also gets full instrumentation, a big screen stereo unit, DVD player for the back seats, and lots and lots of leather. It all looks not only to be in great shape, but to have been converted to SS mode with some considerable thought towards the details throughout.


Wrapped around that airplane hanger of an interior is a GMT800 Suburban body that’s been SS-erized as well. There are chrome SS wheels wrapped in Lexani(?) tires, and the aforementioned Silverado SS front clip to help maintain the illusion and deep dark midnight black paint. There are also smoked taillight lenses and Escalade end caps for a clean as a bean look, and SS badging where there should be SS badging.

The SS-ification didn’t stop at the skin and cabin either, this truck’s mechanicals have seen some work too. The engine is a Chevy 5.3-litre V8 and that now exhales through longtube headers leading to high capacity cats and Magnaflow mufflers. A K&N filter ups the ante on the other side.


The engine has been “street tuned” by a performance shop and works it’s pushbutton AWD through a swapped-in 4L80e automatic and 3.73 diff out of a big-ass truck. BAER brakes provide both stopping power and a hint of red behind the five spoke wheels.


I must say that I am impressed with the level of commitment this truck demonstrates. Does the world need an SS edition of the Chevy Suburban? Probably. If not the world, at least then likely one bad ass soccer mom or family man who wants the family to say man what a cool truck will need one.

There’s 72K showing on the odometer and the seller claims that it “runs and drives good.” The only flies buzzing around the ointment are in fact the need for a new set of brake pads (included) to be installed, and oddly, a loan against the title that will need to be cleared upon the sale.


That sale demands $18,995 which the current owner says is less than half what it would require to replicate this amazing truck. I’d rather own this exclusive edition and if you would too then what would you say to paying that price? Do you think $18,995 is s deal to get a Suburban that’s joined the SS-brigade? Or, is that just too SS-pensive?

You decide!


Omaha Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to vinny18 for the hookup!

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