For $16,800, Would This 2000 Subaru Legacy V8 Wagon Make Your Brain and Your Wallet Explode?

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Subarus are known for two things: AWD and pancake engines. Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Legacy is neither, but what it is may just make you want to pay its non-legendary price.

“Honey, I can’t find our truck” said no owner of yesterday’s blindingly orange 1989 Toyota 4Runner ever. Despite wearing prison inmate attire, and having a less than optimal drivetrain (V6/automatic/wall-crawler gears) the un-rhyme-able Toyota still managed a respectable 70 percent Nice Price win for its under three-grand asking. It should make some hunter very, very happy.


I want to make you all pretty happy, this being Friday and all, and I think one way to do that is to show you this 2000 Subaru Legacy that’s presently rocking an engine and transmission out of an ’06 Pontiac GTO. Yes, it has lost its AWD functionality in the conversion, but if you admit to being so nuts for snownutz then man should this green machine be hanging from your tool belt.


Okay, so just what the hell’s going on here? Well, that drivetrain is headlined by a 400-horsepower LS2, still with its GTO-embossed plastic wrap intact. That’s nestled nicely in the Legacy’s engine bay—which you’ll remember was designed to hold a wide flat six—and is bolted up to a T-56 six-speed manual that’s claimed to have been rebuilt. That Tremec tranny is said to also boast a Hurst short shift kit and pumps all those mighty mighty bostones through a limited slip rear end out back, late out of an STi.


Can you feel your spidey senses tingling yet? Okay, did I mention that this Legacy is a wagon? You probably already figured that out, but I thought it important to point out in case you were still ga-ga over the engine bay and hence hadn’t taken in the rest of the car.

If you have, then you might notice that in a couple of the pictures it’s lower than than the pecker on a Mojave Desert tortoise. That’s because in place of a spare tire there’s the muscle behind an Accuair air suspension system. That should let the car ride at damn-near any height that just so happens to float your boat.


The ad notes 170,000 miles on the car but no word on how many there are on the mill. The work done to achieve this insanity is claimed to have all been professionally completed, and it looks pretty tidy both under-hood and in the interior where the seller says both the gauges and A/C are showing up for work. Everything else looks good in there too and it appears that the maid has already done the housework.


On the outside, the ad notes a few dings and whatnots, and the headlights look as yellow as an old man’s beard, but there’s nothing there that should scare you off. Wilwood brakes and OZ wheels belie the car’s sleeper nature, but look badass all the same. A JDM be-scooped hood with lockdowns is another clue that this isn’t your grandparent’s Legacy here to take you to Applebees.


Okay, this car is insane, that’s a given. It’s also someone else’s project which many of you think is bad ju-ju. Perhaps those two factors balance each other out, which then leaves only the price to play tie breaker. If that’s the case then it’s now time to vote on that price, which is $16,800, and no, you probably couldn’t replicate this car for that unless you were into stealing all the parts.

What’s your take on this wild custom Legacy and that $16,800 price? Does that seem like a deal to get so wicked a ride? Or, is that price just as crazy as the car?


You decide!


Denver CO Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to theKublaiKhan for the hookup!

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