For $16,500, Beat The Meat Wagon

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

The Suburban name is Chevy’s longest serving, having originally been appended to a commercial vehicle in the 1930s. Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe ’72 goes by the commercial name Clyde’s Meats, but does it also have a price that can’t be beat?

Think of all the great wagons you've known over the years - your little red wagon when you were a kid, the Chuck Wagon kibbles your dog likes to nosh - all the way back to the noble Conestoga wagon your family crossed the Great Plains in before Aunt Tilly died of dysentery sort of spoiling the trip for everyone else. Bitch.


Well, you can add yesterday’s Imola-rolla 2004 Audi S4 Avant to that list of wonderful wagons, and for 60% of you, its price was equally as nice. So much happy-happy, joy, joy was proffered over that Teutonic longroof that we’re going to roll the same today. Same price that is, waaaay different wagon.

The Chevy Suburban has been around so long that it has become an iconic staple of the American landscape, like Mount Rushmore, or the morbidly obese. Speaking of fat, the Suburban is also about the biggest damn wagon you can pack a tiny suburban soccer mom behind the wheel of, and that’s typically who pilots these Nimitz-class vehicles.


But not this one. No, today’s 1972 Suburban Three-door was used by a guy named Clyde, and Clyde was very proud of his meat. So proud was Clyde of his meat that the boast is made on the side of this two-tone truck that Nobody Beats Clyde’s Meat.

You remember Nobody, right?

As you might recall, Nobody puts baby in a corner. Plus Nobody is who you tell your parents you were hanging out with until three AM. That's right, Nobody is your best bud, because Nobody knows the trouble you've seen. And now, nobody beats Clyde’s meat. I’m telling you, that nobody is one busy mo-fo.


Today however, we’re more interested in Clyde and his meat wagon. The ’72 Suburban was originally made available with a number of different V8 options, but Clyde's plays it safe with an SBC that’s said to have been rebuilt. When and where that took place goes unanswered, as does the overall mileage. You do get to know that it has a THM400 playing backup to the 350, and that the truck runs and drive’s great, because Clyde says so.


Seventy two was the last year of coils at the back of the two-wheel drive Subs, and this one seems dropped on its big-ass alloys. The ad says it comes with grey Ridler wheels but then says that the pics don’t show them. It’s a little hard to tell what he’s talking about because it appears Clyde is adverse to proper punctuation and sentence structure.

Hey, but who am I to throw stones?


On the outside, this trucks proclaims that Clyde's Meat can't be beat, but it's on the inside where you're actually likely to get wood. That's because someone has dropped a plywood console in between the four modern captain's chairs. The one off-side and in the rear may be a little hard to get to owing to the box and the fact that, as noted earlier, this Suburban has but three doors down.

Okay, so same price as yesterday's Audi, but boy is this a different way to spend that much. Of course you need to determine if that price for this Sub gets you excited, or if it's a total boner-killer.


You decide!


Lexington KY Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Peter Hess for the hookup.

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