Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Nissan’s use of the Fair Lady name - later Fairlady - was the result of the company’s CEO, Katsuji Kawamata having once seen the musical, My Fair Lady on Broadway. Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe custom Fairlady goes by 240Z here in the states, but will you find its price to be fair maybe?

Trying to sell a car in non-running condition - especially one where there are plenty of runners around against which it must compete - is sort of like betting on a dead horse to win the Derby. In either situation you’re not likely to come away with much cash in hand.

Some cash in hand, a cup of coffee, hell, anything to fill his mitts, would be a good idea for the seller of yesterday’s 1995 Nissan 300ZX with its blown VH45DE just to keep him from cutting any more holes in it. Oh yeah, and with its 80% Crack Pipe loss, it looks like its price is a non-starter too.

In an attempt to make up for Cutty McHood today we’re going to look at. . . a Datsun 240Z with its roof cut off . Aww crap! Okay, I know what you’re thinking, we just did that, but this custom convertible S30 is a totally different kettle of corn from yesterday’s dead in the water ZX.


Point number one: This bad boy runs. Not only that but the L24 under its pointy prow has been turbocharged and intercooled, and features hardened hardware so the internals don’t do what yesterday’s car’s did. It also looks clean enough under the hood that you could eat off of it.

The seller claims 300 ponies at the wheels, and those are funneled through a 5-speed out of a later ZX as well as an R200 pumpkin, both of which bolt into the early S30s easy as you please.


Point number two: It’s a freakin' convertible 240Z for Chrissie behinds! The seller says the job was done in the ‘80s out in California as some sort of freaky Ferrari wannabe effort. It does have a set of roundy lights in the back but thankfully it doesn’t go the full GTO. Shaved door handles and a lack of bumpers make the car look clean but somehow unfinished. Also, those wheels?

The top looks like something Tom Hanks might have made had a couple of Gimp costumes washed up on the beach in Castaway, but at least the car has a top in the event of rain or unexpected sharkanado. The interior looks okay, although who knows what evil lurks under those sheepskin seat covers? Also, the tan-dyed dash is a little unfortunate. Just saying. The last thing of note in there is that the center console looks to be out of a ‘73.


Point number three: the seller of this custom Z is a fella from Florida named Jim Frederick, he of Z Mecca fame, and a pretty well respected collector of the marque. Don’t believe me? Check out this short video of a Z-car event held at his modest garage. To say that he likes S30s is like averring that the NSA likes keeping tabs on people.

Seeing as he’s up to his armpits in Z-cars, it’s pretty safe to assume that he knows his stuff and can put together a well-sorted car. I’m not saying that this particular one couldn’t be a fright pig, only that considering its seller, that chance is pretty slim.


So here we have a unique ride with tonnes of fun power, more headroom than an XXL Guillotine basket, and all the provenance that comes with the venerable Fairlady - or 240Z to us yanks - name. And all that could be yours - or if you’re too broke, someone’s at least - for the asking price of $15,000. Okay to those of you who are saying to yourself, damn, that’d buy a whole lot of Miatas, I can attest that very much, yes it would. You should look into that.

For the rest of us not looking for the safe route - and in fact the seller says this car could potentially kill an inexperienced driver - I think this might be the way to go. It’s not about me however, it’s your opinion that matters, and so it’s now up to you to vote on this custom Z-car’s $15,000 price. What do you think, is that a good deal? Or, is this Fairlady’s price only describable using ungentlemanly terms?

You decide!


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