For $14,950, Shop On The Aisle Of Capri

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Capri Sun is a fruity pouch drink for the kids while grownups are more likely to prefer one of those vegetable concoctions that are so good at masking a dash of vodka. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Mercury is a Capri that's definitely not for the kids, and one that apparently isn't for the seller's wife either.

LJK Setright once averred that there was no engine smoother than Jaguar's magnificent V12. You might then expect the so-powered, and rarer than poultry orthodontia, Panther DeVille Convertible to have smoothly glided through yesterday's contest like shite through an English Goose, however it was not to be. Cruel fate and an onerous price saddled the neo-classic Panther firmly with a decisive 84% Crack Pipe loss, proving this Panther not to be the cat's pajamas.


There's this cartoon that appears in the paper called Love is. . . about a pair of naked midgets little people who will do pretty much anything for one another- except, you know, in the butt. Much like that comics pages couple, but hopefully with more clothes on, is the builder of today's 1972 Mercury Capri sporting a 4.0 V6. You see, this gold over tan Euro-pony is just like the one the builder's wife had as her first set of wheels. Of course back then the hottest motor that could be found under the Capri's hood was the 2.6-litre edition of Ford's long-serving but somewhat weaksauce by today's standards Cologne V6, and that's why this doting husband has dropped the 202-pony SOHC V6 out of a 2005 Mustang in the Capri's engine bay.

Sadly, considering all the work he has put into it, the resultant car has proven to be too scarily fast for his pedestal-situated spouse. That makes it an opportunity for those without fear of unrestrained horsepower or cars with little more in the way of safety features than seatbelts and a feeble brake pedal. Woot, questionable judgement!


In addition to the Mustang mill, this Capri keeps it all in the family with the ‘Stang's 5-speed automatic actuated through a modern Mustang T-handle amid a refreshed traditional Capri interior. On the outside, the gold paint and cool side stripes are offset by a set of matte-painted Rostyles and a hard-angled hood bulge that kind of makes you understand why these kind of conversions aren't more common.


This being a ‘72, it rocks the Mama Bear position in the original Capri lineup by having the bigger tail lamps but still the chrome blade bumpers. The front one is extended to make the insurance companies happy, but still weighs a lot less than the ‘73/'74's battering rams. In fact, from the factory these cars managed to tip the scales at a modest 2,345-lbs. Adding the four-litre and slushbox probably add around 300 to that so this is now probably rocking about 13-lbs per pony.


Yesterday's Panther may have been all about production exclusivity while today's mass-produced Capri seems to have reached rarity thorough attrition, there being few that show up in the classifieds here in the US anymore. Finding this one with the modern drivetrain and apparently nice condition strikes an even rarer note. Your job now is to determine if all of that together is worth the $14,950 that hubby is asking to part with his wife's unwanted gift.

What do you think, is this Capristang worth that kind of cash, perhaps as a gift for your significant other? Or, would paying that much for this custom Mercury guarantee a lifetime of sleeping on the couch?


You decide!


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