Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

The C4 Corvette breathed new life into the brand, however for some that wasn't enough. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe stroker droptop goes over the top and breathes through a supercharger, but will its price take your breath away?

Less hyperventilating was yesterday's 1961 Israeli Sabra, a rare but not hugely desirable roadster which, though originating in the Jewish State, was now sadly in a state of disrepair. That confluence of poor condition and weird shape caused 80% of you to tell the seller, don't hold your breath.


Today's candidate is in contrastingly better condition, sports power windows under its canvas roof, and has enough horsepower to blow away yesterday's Sabra on any strip - drag or Gaza. This 1993 Corvette checks all the right boxes, its top drops faster than a nympho's bloomers, it maintains three pedals to keep your feet busy, and it rocks a romper-stomper of an engine.


That engine is an LT1 that, like a friendly kitty, has been stroked. They say there's no substitute for cubic inches, and this one now has 383 of them. While un-subsituted, that doesn't mean they can't be supplemented as well, and this car's case, its claimed 560 bhp comes by way of both more cubes and a crank-driven Vortech supercharger, blowin' in the wind. That's a 260-horse gain over stock.

Even the mighty, mighty bosstones ZR-1, with its hand-built Mercury Marine LT5 only sported 405 of those elusive ponies, and that car could hit sixty from a stop in an eyeball-flattening 4.4 seconds. With its engine tickling the balls of 600 horsepower, this Corvette could conceivably stop time, reverse the Earth's rotation, and make your high school sweetheart regret dumping you on prom night - which also happened to inconveniently fall on your birthday - the heartless bitch.


The rest of the car looks equally up to the task - its Satan's ass red paint merging into an equally hued interior - and everything from the bodywork to the leather upholstery looking a-okay. This being a ‘93, it benefits from the updates that Chevy offered Corvette buyers two years earlier, including a less craptacular dashboard, smoothed and elongated bodywork, staggered wheel widths (8.5 front/9.5 rear), and passive key entry.

The seller claims the car has low miles, but then doesn't offer the money shot and say just how low. He does say that the car is a MUST SEE!!! and additionally that it MUST SELL!!!, apparently because he needs to pay for all the exclamation points he has purchased. One last claim is that nearly twenty gees has gone into the engine alone, and as such he is sacrificing, or sacraficing, it at $14,950.


What's your take on this cojones-infused Corvette? Is $14,950 a price that should rocket it into a new owner's garage? Or, like the engine, does that price mean the seller is strokin' it?

You decide!


New York Craigslist - if you can sell it there, you can sell it anywhere, or go here if that's not true.

H/T to Alvin Baugh for the hookup!

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