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For all its veneration, Porsche's 928 doesn't seem to get all that much respect. As example, today's Nice Price Or Crack Pipe '82 928S has gone from Weissach to Woodward, but is its price at least respectable?

Alfa Romeos, like 2-year olds, require constant attention. Shoes go on, sweater comes off, they're never all the way together, and the whole concept of personal possession is foreign to them as they will put a death grip on your wallet, shouting MINE! Of course, unlike children, playing with Alfas won't make you seem like a total creeper and get you banned from the park again. With its thirty two hundred dollar price tag, yesterday's 1976 Alfetta GT proved ready to play, a fact not lost on the overwhelming 92% of you who voted it a Nice Price win.


What a good way to start the week, let's see how things go from here. Hopefully today's car won't blow. When Porsche first envisioned the car that would become the 928, the intention was that it would replace the 911, a car whose air-cooled engine was seen as an impediment to meeting ever more stringent emissions standards, and was in a position that gave the car unique handling characteristics to say the least.

Of course, the 911 is still here today, albeit in a more modern iteration, while 928s stopped dropping from the Porsche family tree nearly two decades ago. Geez, I suddenly feel really freakin' old.


Today's 1982 928S may not be a fountain of youth, but with a blown SBC poking through its fly-yellow hood and a set of turbo twists crowding its wheel wells, it certainly looks like something designed to appeal to the 12 year old boy in us all. The ad for this 92ChevyV8 is light on the details, but I'm pretty sure this is the same car, the posting for which paints its history with a bit broader a brush, and which provided the lead shot. According to that post, the car went through three owners post SBC conversion and the Pelican Parts poster was the one who bolted on the blower. He says he also rebuilt everything below that and installed a new LSD 5-speed transaxle after the claimed 545-bhp, 542- ft-lbs engine ate the first.


The car was originally an automatic, as well as black, and while the current yellow is not as stealthy as was its original hue, switching the car to three pedals should get a nod of approval from everyone here. Maybe not so laudable are the yellow and red flame gauges, including a trio of A-pillar dials, that make the dash look a little like the back pages of Popular Hotrodding.

The rest of the cabin looks stock, except for the black and yellow steering wheel. Outside, the massive rear wing, off of who knows what, fights with the S-spec rubber job below it for air dominance, while at the front it's hard to take your eyes off that Mad Maxi-pad of a blower sticking through the hood. That, along with the upward facing headlamps gives this 928 an appearance like nothing else out there.


It should be noted that the Pelican Parts post was from someone living in Minneapolis, while the car is now being offered in that place of all things wackadoodle, Florida. Why is it all the crazy seems to end up down there?

Speaking of crazy, it's time to find out just how crazy you are about this Chevy-powered Porsche's $13,000 pricetag. What do you think about that, does that price make this a blown 928 that doesn't blow? Or, is that just too much green for this not so mellow yellow Porsche?

You decide!


Fort Myers Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears.

Lead image: bowtieporsche via Pelican Parts

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