Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Many of you use the Miata as Nice Price or Crack Pipe's baseline of value. Seeing as Mazda's sports car is the coin of the realm around here, what do you think of one for thirteen grand?

You couldn't Run DMC fast enough away from yesterday's 1999 Range Rover boom box. The combination of legendary mechanical infidelity and a puketastic choice of wheels made its hoopty price harder to swallow than a Kanye apology. All that and a bag of chips wound up giving the blacker than the inside-of-a-well-digger's-ass Brit a stinging 87% Crack Pipe rebuke. MRSINGR sings a sad, sad song indeed.

Oh well, perhaps today's Mazdaspeed MX-5 turbo will have you all singing a different tune. Everybody likes the Miata, right? Reconstituting the form made popular and then all but abandoned by the British and Italians, the MX-5 has curried favor among a divergent group of drivers including fun-seeking women, teh gahz, and even hard core racers. And of course anybody who could check off all three of those boxes โ€“ cough* Betty Jack Devin *cough โ€“ would conceivably go apoplectic over this Velocity Red two seater.


Like the Hydrogen atom, what initially made the Miata so great was its extreme elemental nature โ€” what was needed to put a big smile on its driver's face was there, and everything else was left off. While larger and less cheeky, Mazda's second swing at the plate refined the concept without losing too much of what made the first a good substitute for a barrel full of monkeys. What was gained was a couple hundred pounds and some government-meddling pedestrian-friendly headlamps, the previous pop-ups apparently having the potential for jaywalker genitalia removal. BTW, wouldn't genitalia be an awesome name for a sports car? Imagine being able to say Let's take out the Genitalia today or I spent the morning waxing my Genitalia, and it looks insane now! The question would remain, do you have what it takes to master a Genitalia?

You might ask yourself the same thing with this turbo'd 1.8, which the seller โ€“ Cody Strife โ€“ says makes over 200 horses. Now, I just finished watching Jeremy Clarkson blow sparkplugs out of a normally aspirated version of the Mazda twin cam so 9.5 PSI makes me a little leery. Of course Jezza is a buffoon, and the Mazdaspeed engine is a factory turbo which here has seen but modest upgrades to its intake and exhaust. That should keep its stress at the skidmarks called out in gym class level, and not at the terrorist hostage with ill-planned dotted-line neck tattoo level.


Other mods here include a spate of Flyin' Miata springs, shocks and sway bars, plus a fresh set of Yoko Onos Yokohamas mounted on Enkei 16 inchers. Externally the car has skirts like your sister, and its trunk lid benefits from an unobtrusive lip spoiler, while inside a roll bar appears to be the only change from stock. It's not a very old car so the claimed 58K mileage seems about right.


What's the downside? Well, there's a couple of douchie stickers that'll need to be heat-gunned off, and there's the fact that the seller calls this the latest from Strife Performance, even though that doesn't seem to be an actual business. It's sort of like that Seinfeld episode where the spazzy dude kept referring to himself in the third person โ€“ Jimmy likes Miatas! โ€“ and that just seems a little weird. But the car otherwise doesn't seem off, and Strife Performance is willing to cut the price if you don't want all his add-ons. Should you want a strife sentence then this MX-5 will set you back $13,000. No Strife in your life? $10,750. That seems like an awful lot of work to remove the mods, so let's stick with the Strife. What do you say, is $13,000 a price that would make you Mazdaspeed over to buy it? Or, does that make you say do you know how many (fill in the blank) I could get for that!?

You decide!


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