For $12,500, Who's Da’ Van?

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Pro Street is the awesome racing class that verses you in NHRA rules and also lets you be cop bait too! Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Plymouth has gone Pro, but is its price still amateur?

Man, do you ALL only shop at the bulk stores or something? That’s the only explanation I can come up with for your 92% repudiation of yesterday’s 1982 Suzuki SJ410, its seven grand price, and its good things come in small packages mantra. Go big or go home I guess.


How much would you pay for an amateur? I mean seriously, whether sports teams, hookers, or hitmen, if you’re going to lay down your hard-earned, you really do want a certain level of professionalism for your money. Today’s 1985 Plymouth Voyager panel van is a Pro, as in Pro-Street, and it’ll be up to you to determine if its price and execution are worth the title, or if this yellow oddity is all amateur hour material.


You will perhaps remember the first generation Voyager as the boxiest and most capacious of the K-car derivatives that Chrysler foisted by the seemingly thousands back in the MTV days. Humorously, the seller calls this one a VOGAGER in his ad title. Isn't that a porn movie?


There’s not much of the K left in this minivan, and in fact the bits that are still Pentastar-based can pretty much be counted on one hand. While you've got a finger up your nose. It's also no longer transverse engine nor FWD. Instead, there's a big fat SBC up front, stroked out to 355-CID and probably mean as a snake. Getting busy with all that power is a cut-down Ford 9" out back. In the in in-between sits a THM400 to manage the torques and ponies.

If you're expecting this Van to still do soccer mom duty then you will be sorely disappointed, as it presently seats but two. If however your plans include skid marks not just in your tighty whities then this might do the trick nicely. The van body sits on a round section tube frame and is hunkered down on some huge meats in its massively tubbed backend.


Those fat tires, along with the narrowed axle and drinks like a fish V8 makes the street part of Pro-Street in the van's claimed title a bit of a joke, but get it in front of a Christmas tree and I'll bet its pilot will be the one left laughing. After all, it's a Chrysler minivan dragster.


Visually, there's no way this thing could pass for a stock crap hauler. The screaming yellow zonker paint job is the first big clue that this isn't an appropriate ride for the shy or introverted. There's also the speed clipped-on aero nose that gives the van the visage of an angry drunk. Dumbo ear truck mirrors and polished five spokes round out the extroverted exterior.


Whether Pro Street or just pro-speed, this Voyager has seen so many mods Kirk and Spock might just try and kill it just for good measure. Before they attempt to do so, they opportunity exists to buy it and potentially go Pro. Doing so will presently require $12,500, and it's now up to you to say whether that's a good deal for this unique van, or if that's just too big a con for something that's pro.

You decide!


New Hampshire Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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