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GM has a history of vehicle names based on weather phenomena- Typhoon, Syclone, etc. While we're still waiting on the Chevy Titty Twister, the forecast for today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe calls for a 100% chance of ThunderStorm.

According to a full 78% of you, yesterday's VW was Baja Fresh. Looking like the physical manifestation of a Butthole Surfers' album, the bug managed to endear itself through the combination of a pastiche of grunge and big hairy pair of that's just bat-shit insane enough to work cojones. While that car was on the road to being something it didn't start out as, today's contender has reached its transformative destination, and it has the awards to prove it.

ThunderStorm. It sounds like something the kids watch on Saturday morning while playing with the requisite related action figure, and tripping out on Sugar Pops. As likely as that might be, it also happens to be the name of this heavily customized Chevy that's described by its seller as a clever combination of a 1992 Geo Storm front and a 1985 Subaru Brat rear.


The first question that pops to mind is isn't that just a less capable Brat with a Chevy front end? Well, duh, it's only front wheel drive and it doesn't have the Brat's ejection seats in the back. However, the chevy badges make it an El Stormino - something the original Brat could never be - and that's gotta' count for something.

Unlike a lot of camino-ized cars (remember that Mustang earlier this week?) the conversion here looks not only professionally done, but pretty righteous as well. Not only does it have a Brat bed, but the Subie's flip up smoked glass roof as well. And if you're a ricer, the whole lower half has the kind of plastic cladding that you typically see on the side of the road near aggressive dips. Again calling comparison to that Mustang-Ranchero thing from Tuesday, the ThunderStorm has a working tailgate. Below that, there's what appears to be a Ford Escort wagon rear bumper, and up front a scoop from a '70 Chevelle graces the hood.


This car has everything!

Under the hood it has a 1,588-cc Isuzu four which is good for 95-bhp due to its being a three-valves per cylinder single cam. Mated to the mill is the standard Isuzu 5-speed box and 4.11 diff. There was a 130-hp DOHC four-banger available in these cars back in the day, and having that here might make this ThunderStorm something you'd actually get your umbrella out for.


The Geo Storm weighed in at 2,282-lbs and the Brat was a good 2,100-lbs, making this car 4,382-lbs likely somewhere a good bit north of a ton. That gives each of the engine's ponies more than 24-lbs to cart around, so you can bet that this will be a slow-moving storm.

The paint job is car show zowie, and if you're thinking about adding to the boxes of trophies the seller is including with the car, you might want to just leave it in its blue and white livery. You'd probably want to tart up the inside however, as it looks like the stock Geo plastic in there- not that it's a bad thing but it's a little dull in comparison to the outside. And it's because of the outside that it has won all those awards.


If you get caught in this ThunderStorm you could be the one winning those awards, but it's going to take $12,500 OBO for you to do so. The car's also listed on eBay at $15,000, but the Internet has foiled the seller's duplicitous plans, and we're going with the Craigslist ad here.


So, what do you think about that kind of bank for this custom 'Camino? Would twelve-five have you writing a check as fast as lightning? Or, does that price make this Chevy a shit storm?

You decide!


Nashville Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears. H/T to everyone who sent this in!

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