For $11,000, Yo Dawg...

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We Heard You Like LS in Your LS so Nice Price or Crack Pipe is putting an LS1 in your LS so you can LS while you LS.


Yeah okay, that meme is totally played, but it fits here like a Sheik, and I promise that's the last Xzibit reference I'll make in this post. . . dawg. Also fitting is this hot rod Lincoln around its brother from another mother of an engine.

History is rife with notorious rivalries, whether the North vs. the South, Bert vs. Ernie, or one of life's most immutable of mysteries, that of taste great vs. less filling. Along with those goes the decades-long battle for the crown of America's car, the title for which has been fought most ferociously by Chevy and Ford. Today's 2002 Lincoln LS arrives as sort of a wedgie for both cheeks - a peace offering between the Montagues and the Capulets - as it merges a solid Ford platform with a fire-breathing Chevy drivetrain. Of course, one would hope that it would have a happier ending than did the two main protagonists of Shakespeare's take on that tragic rivalry.

The Lincoln LS was Ford's attempt to both lower the age of their target audience — at the time consisting almost entirely of WWI vets - and to spread the cost of developing a new car for Jaguar that finally wouldn't based on the long in the spooky tooth XJ. The resultant LS shared its structure, as well as suspension parts and drivetrain kibbles and bits with Jag's mid-range S-type, although where the Brit was traditionally round and tweedy, the Lincoln was angular and be-chromed in a handsome if overly anonymous manner. That's actually a good thing because the car today still looks elegant and well proportioned, while the Jag appears a British anachronism, something noted by even James May. One thing that may not seem to have stood the test of time was the Lincoln's 3.9-litre V8, 4-speed automatic transmission drivetrain, a combo that was only good for 252-bhp and 7.3-second sprints to sixty.

But thanks to Chevy, that's not a problem with this LS. The seller says that it has received an LS of its own - in the form of a 2002 Chevy LS1 V8, which is probably out of some form of F-body, although the seller doesn't say. Backing up those 350 cubic inches is a Tremec T56 6-speed manual actuated through a sunken nub of shifter that would be embarrassing if it weren't a shifter and was instead, oh say. . . your dick. Claims are made in the ad for a hot cam and cross flow exhaust, while out back the LS with the LS1 has an LS diff. As you would expect, mileage is a two-fer affair with the drivetrain being claimed 45K fresh, while the rest of the car rocks a healthy 110,000 miles under its wheels.

Inside, other than the wee-man shifter, it's all Lincoln, all the time, and featuri the same dashboard used inits platform mate Thunderbird two-seater, although the instruments have been replaced with some round gauges that more fluently speak Chevrolet. The LS sports leather seats for 5, although it's cramped enough inside that only four will really be comfortable, although as it was originally about 3,700-lbs, leaving that fifth frat brother at the curb is probably a good idea, as he's likely a lard-ass. There's not too many pics in the ad, but I did find a video of the car from back in October when its price was $11,500, and it does sound pretty sweet.

Today the price has been cut to $11,000 - and for that you can get a car that's at war with itself, but comes armed to the teeth. That Chevy powerplant and T56 put this Lincoln in a league of its own, but is that a price that would make you drop a Lincoln log?


You decide!


Springfield Craigslist or go here if some dirtbag hacks the seller's email the ad disappears. H/T to sinhumane for the hookup!

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BoxerFanatic, troublesome iconoclast.

Why would someone do this?

Why not just figure out how to swap a manual gearbox and the Jag S-Type-R's supercharger on the V8 the LS already had installed?