Florida TV Station Freaks Out About Stealth Fighter-Looking Military Boat

Although there are plenty of things to occupy people's attention in Central Florida, a WESH TV reporter noticed a strange-looking boat cruising up the Intracoastal Waterway the other day.


Strange, that is, until you notice (as the reporter did) that it looks like a stealth aircraft and ply your investigative skills to, I don't know, Google.

No one in the area knew what the vessel was used for or even what it was. Some said it looked like something the military or maybe drug enforcement might use.

Or maybe it's a spaceship that takes off from the water. NASA's Kennedy Space Center is nearby, after all.

Getting back to Planet Earth, I searched Google, and although I haven't tracked down the exact model and use of the angular craft, it looks a lot like the carbon fiber pentamaran-hulled M-80 Stiletto the Navy Seals have been toying around with over the past few years.


If you've never heard of the Stiletto, it's because it didn't want to be heard of. It is absolutely badass, with four 1,652 hp Caterpillar diesel engines catapulting it to 50 knots. It can also operate in relatively shallow water, has a loading ramp for inflatable attack boats and unmanned submersible vehicles, and a flat space on top for launching and landing UAVs.


But if you see one in Florida's Intracoastal Waterway with naked homeless people running around on the flight deck, brace yourself for some thrilling TV news. This is Florida we're talking about.


Photo credit: WESH; M Ship Co.

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