A Naked, Knife Wielding Woman Stabbed A Car In A Florida Carwash

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Where else but Florida could something like this happen. Nudity and and crime are like peas and carrots in the Sunshine State.

Cheri Dana, a 42-year-old homeless woman, allegedly burst into a teen addiction center, screaming "God is here, I'm going to repent!" as she grabbed a kitchen knife that was laying on a counter. (What the hell was a knife doing laying out in an addiction center, anyway?)


She then shed her clothes as she ran down the street to the Jaguar Car Wash. Two surprised men stared, mouths agape, as a naked psycho emerged from the mist and stabbed their car.

Apparently bent on stabbing the shit out of anything with wheels, Dana then ran to an auto center a few doors down and stabbed another car before terrorizing some teenagers getting off of a school bus (it's not clear if she wanted to stab them, the bus, or neither).

When the police finally got to her, Dana had abandoned her campaign against automobiles, and was stabbing some stairs instead. Fortunately, no one was hurt during the ordeal. Dana was arrested, and is in jail on $98,000 bail.

Photo credit: Stuart Elflet/Shutterstock; Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

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