Two dogs survived a high-speed collision after a fleeing robbery suspect in a Toyota Corolla plowed into traffic in an Orlando intersection. The ensuing multi-car pileup put five people in the hospital. The dogs, who bolted from their crumpled Jeep at the first opportunity, have been found.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that police spotted two suspects of a burglary near the University of Central Florida, but once the police hit their lights and sirens, the suspects put the pedal to the carpet in their Corolla.


The police were not actually in pursuit of the suspects' car, as deputies do not pursue suspects in burglary cases, but the car plowed on, presumably goaded by the news helicopter following them from above. The car flew through midday traffic, at times over 80 miles an hour, only to come to an explosive halt into the side of a black Jeep.

Of the five people taken to the hospital, the suspects received the worst injuries, with the Corolla driver breaking his legs. That's why the dogs (later recovered) hopped away while the suspected crooks merely crawled.

(Hat tip to: Jeff!)

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