Five Trucks And SUVs To Look For At The Detroit Auto Show

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The 2015 Detroit Auto Show is going to be a mega for trucks. At least two hugely important new pickups will be revealed, but there are a few other interesting rumors interesting rumors we might see fulfilled at this month's event


1. All-New Ford Raptor

As of this writing, there have been no official claims that a new Ford Raptor will be unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show. But we do know Ford is planning to continue the Raptor off-road variant of the F-150 even though there isn't one available for 2015.

It seems like Ford would take the opportunity to build a little more hype if they were going for a full reveal at next month's auto show, but I wouldn't be surprised if we at least got some details on the new sport truck. Obviously it'll be based on the new aluminum-bodied F-150. Since Ford's dropped the 6.2 V8 for 2015 and they've told us "the 3.5 EcoBoost is the new premium engine" it seems inevitable that the next Raptor will be turbocharged.

2. All-New Nissan Frontier

Almost a year ago, Nissan trotted out a Cummins diesel-powered Frontier dressed in a tuner-car costume. It wouldn't make any sense for Nissan to steal spotlight from their new Titan at the last minute, so don't expect a completely redone production-ready Frontier at this show.


However, with GM's Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon asserting dominance and the brand-new Tacoma making an appearance, I might wager Nissan will set up some kind of teaser for whatever the next incarnation of the Frontier is.


3. Cadillac Escalade V-Sport And/Or Diesel

I don't think GM is going to bring anything Earth-shattering by the way of trucks, the Colorado ZR2 they brought to the LA auto show was probably the most fun thing we'll see from them for a minute.


But over the summer, Cadillac Escalade brand manager David Schiavone said they were considering a "V6 turbodiesel and twin-turbo gas V6" for the luxury SUV. Maybe they'll make some progress on that threat.


4. Jeep Grand Wagoneer Or Wrangler Preview

Jeep's plans to attack the size-segment above the Grand Cherokee and start punching for Range Rover were announced at the last New York Auto Show, somewhat ironically alongside the reveal of the Jeep Renegade which is at the opposite end of the scale.


No solid plans have been made for big announcements at Detroit yet, but with things like a new full-size SUV and revisions to the Wrangler inevitably on the horizon, I wouldn't put it passed Jeep to bring up something interesting at the show.


5. Bentley SUV

The plug-in electric hybrid "#NewBentley" aka "Falcon" is long overdue to show its bulgey-eyed face to the public. Bentley's hosting a press conference on the 12th, and with the Detroit Auto Show being as big as it is, it seems like a possible stage to finally let us meet this high-riding luxury car.


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