Detroit Auto Show's Attendance Is Best In Eleven Years

There were more people visiting Cobo Hall for the North American International Auto Show than there are people living in the city of Detroit. Attendance this year topped out at 803,451 — its highest since 2003, when 838,066 car gawkers attended. » 1/27/14 11:19am 1/27/14 11:19am

Watch A Time-Lapse Video Of Detroit Auto Show Floor Construction

Cobo Center might be a mess in some other ways during auto-show season, but there's no denying the magic that happens to put the actual show together. It takes more than 600 electricians, miles of cable and enough power to light up a small city to get the auto show up and running. » 1/19/14 11:02am 1/19/14 11:02am

The Detroit Auto Show Was Green Where It Needed To Be

Among U.S. car shows, there's been an increasing trend towards stuff you can actually buy, with bizarro concepts largely killed by the bankruptcy. There was no shortage of real cars at this year's Detroit Auto Show, even if that meant there were no spectacular advancements in alternative energy. » 1/17/14 2:00pm 1/17/14 2:00pm

Maybe Car Companies Listen To Enthusiasts After All

"No one cares what we think!" is a refrain I hear all the time on Jalopnik. I have said it and so have you. "We enthusiasts are a drop in the bucket compared to the Camry and MDX buyers. Our opinions don't matter!" » 1/17/14 12:40pm 1/17/14 12:40pm

Cool Trucks You Might Miss At The Detroit Auto Show

The 2015 Ford F-150 and 2015 GMC Canyon aren't the only interesting pickups at this year's Detroit Auto Show. Fans of towing, hauling, and general truck-yeah badassedness won't want to miss these rigs that were relegated to "also ran" status by car-centric show coverage. » 1/16/14 4:26pm 1/16/14 4:26pm

Infiniti's Boss Wants The Brand To Be The Japanese Answer To BMW

I think Infiniti CEO Johan De Nysschen must watch The Dark Knight on repeat a lot, because his plans are a lot like something The Joker was fond of saying in that film: "aggressive expansion." It's how he aims to make Infiniti run with the big dogs for the first time ever. » 1/16/14 4:00pm 1/16/14 4:00pm

This Is How Ridiculous The Detroit Auto Show Will Look In 25 Years

We've finished up most of our coverage of the Detroit Auto Show and are still marveling at some of the latest tech and design we've seen. Will we feel that way in 25 years? Photos from the archives suggest we'll mostly just laugh. » 1/16/14 1:45pm 1/16/14 1:45pm

A BMW i5 Could Be Next In BMW's Electric Family

If there's anything BMW excels at these days, it's expanding their lineup. While some of their products have been questionable from a design perspective, you have to at least give them credit for innovating and trying new things. That goes for the "i" family too. » 1/16/14 12:40pm 1/16/14 12:40pm