Could A Hyundai Pickup Be The Answer To Insanely Expensive Trucks?

A completely unsubstantiated rumor says Hyundai is bringing a new pickup truck to the Detroit Auto Show next month. A baseless claim, but it got me thinking– if Hyundai undercut the hell out of the truck market and gave the US a barely-legal lightweight alternative, we might effectively have the "old Ranger" back. » 12/19/14 2:23pm Today 2:23pm

Watch A Time-Lapse Video Of Detroit Auto Show Floor Construction

Cobo Center might be a mess in some other ways during auto-show season, but there's no denying the magic that happens to put the actual show together. It takes more than 600 electricians, miles of cable and enough power to light up a small city to get the auto show up and running. » 1/19/14 11:02am 1/19/14 11:02am