​Verizon Vehicle Adds OnStar-Like Features To Your Dumb Car

Verizon is following the lead of companies like Automatic, Dash, and Zubie, tapping into your car to provide health reports and diagnostic info. But Verizon Vehicle takes it a step further with vehicle tracking, emergency services, and even a Bluetooth speaker, making it an OnStar retrofit for your old ride. »1/14/15 12:21pm1/14/15 12:21pm

Honda's UNI-CUB Is Amazing, Least-Efficient Water Delivery System Ever

During their press conference, Honda demonstrated their UNI-CUB motorized chair-thing, which they're using to develop the world's least-efficient method of single water-bottle delivery. Seeing it in action, I'm very impressed. I'm not sure a less efficient method of delivering water is possible with today's technology. »1/13/15 3:27pm1/13/15 3:27pm

Honda Will Have An All-New EV And Hybrid By 2018

Despite repeated claims that 2015 would be the "year of Honda," Honda's press event only big reveals were a couple of claims that they'd have an all-new, all-electric vehicle by 2018, along with a plug-in hybrid the same year. We did get to see their FCV Concept in person for the first time in North America, so that's… »1/13/15 1:45pm1/13/15 1:45pm